Monday, April 21, 2008

Eddie Russ Zaius

Eddie Russ Zaius Monument LP See The Light

Recently, I have been enjoy a nostalgic trip back in time via the memories of people on Essential Modern Soul who were part of the UK's Jazz Funk scene back in the late 70's . Back in 1977/78, I couldn't get enough of sounds like Eddie Russ etc as they swept through the clubs of the UK. Zaius probably more than any other track reminds me of that period when I frequented venues like the Ritz and Rafters in Manchester. I used to buy many sounds from Spin Inn in Manchester or pick them up cheap from Soul Bowl which was better known for rare soul and Northern Soul. See The Light was released in 1976 and I first heard it about late 77 when I was starting to pick up the more obscure jazz funk releases.

Eddie Russ was a keyboard player from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who worked with many jazz greats such as Benny Golson, Sarah Vaughn, Stan Getz and Dizzy Gillespie in the sixties and early seventies before starting a solo career.

He recorded See The Light at the famous United Sound Studios in Detroit and his rippling keyboards feature heavily on this very electronic album. The ARP basslines and Solina strings dominate most tracks. Besides Zaius, the other track which picked up plays was Stop It Now but I also enjoyed the slow Salem Avenue featuring Larry Nozero on sax and Marcus Belgrave on trumpet.

He also had another good album on Monument called Take A Look At Yourself which came out in 1978.

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  1. Found this post looking up Eddie Russ. Just discovered his greatness tonight, and LOVE Zaius. Sounds of an era of jet-setters and movers and shakers. Music for breezin' and being on the go. LOve it!