Monday, April 21, 2008

Soul Discovery 20/4/08

Bill Coday

I think Mick surpassed himself this week!!! A stunner of a show demonstrating that the USA is pumping out some classic stuff at the moment!


L.J. Reynolds “Key to the world” (Volt)
Duane Williams “Yes my love is real” (Soul Junction)
Bruce Billups “Beautiful” (CDS)
The Chestnut Brothers “Whole Lotta You In Me” (Abdul Promo Remix)
James Saxmo Gates “I know what God has done for me” (Winlane)
Shantel “Arise” (Mo-Philly)
Al Green/Anthony Hamilton “You’re got the love I need” (Bluenote Promo)
Shantel “Arise” (Mo-Philly)
Al Green/Anthony Hamilton “You’re got the love I need” (Bluenote Promo)
Al Green “True love” (A&M)
Bill Coday “When the dance is over” (Ecko)
Sam Moore “I want you back” (SSM)
The Rhythm Allstars feat: Geoff McBride
“What you you won’t for love” (Jomar Promo)
Maurice “How Can You Say You Love Me” (GloMar)
Eloise Laws “Tenderness” (Scepterstein)
Pookie Lane “Work it out” (Allison)
The Chestnut Bros “Come To Me” (Abdul Promo)
Nellie “Tiger” Travis/Stan Mosley “Who know you” (CDS)
Father Children “If I” (FC)
The Rhythm Allstars feat: Geoff McBride
“I’ll work for you” (Jomar Promo)
JJ. Johnson “Slow Jam” (R&S)
J Blackfoot “I’m just fool for you” (Rightnow)
OL Skool “Am I dreaming” (Universal)
The Beck Starr “Angel – Girlfriend” (CDS promo)
James Whitney “Goodness knows” (Whitney Music)
Bobby Cutchins “You’re my kind of girl” (Lasso) 7’
George Jackson “I want that love back” (Mardi Gras)
The Justic Dept. “It could be more beautiful than life” (Fair Play)
Doris Allen “Let's Walk Down The Street Together” (Soulscape Promo)
The Rhythm Allstars feat: Geoff McBride
“Stuck” (Jomar Promo)
Arthur “Where do you run” (Arthur)
Bob Baldwin/Phil Perry “Too Late” (Narada)
Bernard “Kingdom of love” (Bernard Stevenson)
Maurice Jackson - It's Been Revealed (T&Glomar)
Michael Sutton “Bandaid” (Litty Dizzy)
Cornelius MD “September” (Earfull)

If you missed the show then you can listen again here:

Soul Discovery 20/4/08

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  1. Hi can you do an interview with The Rhythm All-Stars. I have a friend back in the states who is a personal friend of Greg "Sticks" McCray who is the Founding Member,Music Director and Writer of all the song for them and Geoff McBride the singer. I know they are on tour with Jeffrey Osbourne right now. My friend can get you a contact # for Greg to talk about the new album. Just Let me know I would love to hear more about these 7 guys. The Album is UNREAL