Saturday, June 16, 2007

2 Day Part in Brussels 22/23 June

2 days Party in Brussels

Friday 22/06:
Welcome party at Churchill Pub with "Going Underground" !
5 DJ's for a reggae, ska, rocksteady, soul and RnB nighter.
BXL: Fred "Souligan" (Dyn-o-mite, Going Underground)
UK: Fred (Copasetic)
BXL: Malik ( Going Underground)
BXL: Tomsteady (Forumska)
BXL : Thierry Steady Go (Dyn-o-mite, Heavy Soul)
Free Entrance from 9PM, Djs from 10 PM.
Happy Hour from 9 to 11
Churchill Pub: 25 rue de l'écuyer in the centre of Brussels ( near DeBrouckere ).

Saturday 23/06:
Allnighter from 10 PM till 6AM.On barge "Ric's Art Boat" Quai des Péniches 44, in the centre of Brussels(chanel Brussels-Charleroi near Yser).
11 DJ's from Perpignan, Brussels, London and Paris will share the decks(!!!) on 2 floors!
One floor dedicated to American Black Music : Soul ( Northern or not ),Rhythm n'Blues, Deep Funk, Hammond Grooves...
The other one dedicated toJamaican music : Early Reggae, Rocksteady and Original Ska.
Dj's:Jamaican cellar
UK: Fred (Copasetic)
Fr: Kingreg (7 of clubs)
Fr: Prince Charmless (7 of clubs)
BXL: Tomsteady (Forumska)
BXL: Dr Kitch (Forumska)
Soul attic
BXL: Thierry Steady go! (Dyn-o-mite, Heavy Soul)
BXL Fred "Souligan" (Dyn-o-mite)
FR: Romain (7 of clubs)
BXL: Malik (Chamaican Brothers)
BXL: Timmy (Northern soul master)
FR: Raphi "scorcher" (Lava records)
Door: 5 € before midnight, 8 € after.
Happy hour from 10 to 11!
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