Friday, June 08, 2007

Tina Mason

Tina Mason Are You There Capitol 45
Tina Mason A Good Kind Of Hurting Capitol LP Something Wonderful
I have quite varied tastes when it comes to soul music as regular readers of the blog will know. I do like the lush pop orientated big productions from the either West or East Coasts especially the female ones such as Laine Hill, Billie Dearborn etc.
Tina Mason falls into the above bag and I decided to feature 2 cuts to demonstrate her talents. There is scant information on the Net about her which is surprising given her recordings were for a label such as Capitol featuring a producer such as David Axelrod. Wax Poetics gave her a brief mention in their feature on Axelrod in Issue 16 and said that she was working at Disney before her break with Capitol.

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