Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Binky Griptite New Daptone 45

Binky Griptite Mellomatic Mood

Daptone Records have informed me that Binky Griptite has a new 45 out on 19th June - Mellomatic Mood Pts 1&2.
Here's the rest of the message:

Hot on the heels of his festive Christmas single, Dap-Kings' guitarist/emcee Binky Griptite comes into his own on this two-part jaunt into the world of live-wire funk. The contrast between his laid-back lyrical message and the hyper-tight, up-tempo groove he chooses to lay that message over is staggering. With only a smattering of part two breakdowns and a handful of two-bar turnarounds to give them respite, it is no less than a miracle that The Mellomatics can keep this lightning-paced, Tighten-Up inspired tornado from spinning apart. But, alas, they do it, And with Feeling!

Another cracking 45 from Daptone!!!!!

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