Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bill Moss RIP

My friend Sis from Detroit mailed me last night with the sad news that the legendary gospel singer Bill Moss had died. He was a member of Detroit's Moss/Clark gospel music family and his sister Mattie Moss Clark founded the Clark Sisters.

Bill Moss is perhaps best known for founding the gospel group Bill Moss and the Celestials. A songwriter, Moss also started a record company, Bilesse, that recorded his group as well as other Moss Clark family members and Detroit artists.

Bill Moss played a crucial role in the development of gospel music and anyone who loves gospel music should seek out his music.

If you want to see Bill in action then YouTube has 2 videos you can watch:

Bill - thanks for the music..........


  1. Anonymous3:29 PM

    I received the news of the passing of Gospel Music Legend Bill Moss Sr. with great sadness. In 2002 I was blessed with the opportunity to record the video for their live project. During the production I was able to spend quite a bit of time with minister Moss and his wife, evangelist Essie Moss, at their home conducting an interview with them for the video. When we started the project, I had no idea what a huge impact this great man and woman of God would have on my life. Bill Moss Sr. penned the words to a song that has carried me through some tough times ever since I first heard it. The song "Use What You Got", is about taking the little that you have and making the most of it until you are blessed with more.

    Watch the video clip here:

    Here's to the man that introduced the electric piano to the church.

    My prayers go out to the Moss family, and particularly my good friend Bill Moss Jr.

    God bless,

    Damon Parnell
    >more vids at

  2. Anonymous1:58 AM

    Sad news, indeed. What do you know about the LP pictured? I've never seen or heard of it, but it looks incredibly interesting...