Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Marva Whitney I Am What I Am CD

At last, got my hands on Marva Whitney's album with the Osaka Monaurail with its European release on Freestyle Records.
Here is a message from Marva about her new album:
My dear fans and friends,
My brand new album "I am what I am", already going strong in Japan, is now released in Europe on London's Freestyle label. I hope that you'll like it.
There will also be a 12" release of "I am what I am (P.1&2)" / "Give it up or turnit a loose (P.1&2)".
As always, I'd like to thank my producers DJ Pari and Ryo Nakata as well as my fantastic band Osaka Monaurail for making this release happen. If you want some nitty gritty Marva Whitney, it will be a record for you.

I'd also like to thank everybody who came to see me in Europe in the last couple of weeks, playing with Push, one of the world's hottest Funk units. Tell me if I'm wrong, but we really had a good thing going.

Love, Marva
We have a real treat here which has had been bouncing around my office as thoughI was back on the dancefloor circa 1973!
Marva Whitney is backed by the superb Osaka Monaurail fron Japan. This album is Marva's first studio LP since 1969 and her first album since the 1970's 'Live At The Apollo'. Marva and Osaka have been touring Japan and between the tight schedules managed to get into the studio to record this LP. Earlier this year 'I am what i am' was released on 45 (originaly recorded to be given away at gigs) and gave us a taster of things to come.
What you get here is 48 minutes of pure Marva Whitney sounding just like she did some 37 years ago, the energy sounds rekindled in Marva's voice and the band sound so tight. The album certainly has an authentic feel allowing Marva to get back to where she once was!!
The album contains original compositions and classics such as 'Give it up or turn it loose'. Marva tears up the album with powerhouse dance numbers with 'Soulsisters Unite' or delivers pure gospel with 'Peace in the valley', where she delivers raw uncut soul the way she does week in week out in her local church in Kansas city.
You can read an interview with Marva in Bet where she talks about her new album and her work with James Brown

Osaka Monaurail and DJs Pari, Daisuke, Perry Lewis in Tokyo, 2006

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