Friday, June 08, 2007

Rev Cleatus Update

The Reverend has kindly updated me on the group's current activities:

Greetings people of Planet Earth,It's time to update you all regarding the recent activities of Reverend Cleatus & The Soul Saviours, our side projects and various hangers-on (and pending court cases).

Here is the Good News:

Friday the 22nd of Junesees a musical team up so volatile that it could result in injuries, soiled undergarments and shredded eardrums - Reverend Cleatus are supporting profano funk-rock superstars Mother Earth at London's Jazz Cafe. This explosive combination may actually result in the earth tilting on it's axis and the end of life as we know it - so we felt it only fair to warn you in advance! We will take to the stage at 8.30 pm - with the full 6 piece line up including Mark Norton with his funky plumbing - and Matt Wilding slapping his congas of latino lust!

MOJO magazine- Our 'slightly delayed' album "2lbs Of Funk (In a 1 Lb Bag)" has been reviewed in the most recent issue:

"Reverend Cleatus mix Brian Auger's cosmic fusion with the New Orleans chicken strut funk of The Meters, the forthrightness of JB and a bit of ska too on their debut Lp. Cool! 4 Stars" MOJO Magazine

Although the release of our 4 star LP has suffered a mild delay - we are confident that you will be able to get your hands upon it before the summer sun finally fades away for another year... for more details keep an eye on the Soul Cookers Records website... you could even send them an email asking when it's coming out!

Saint Paul Soul Jazz Festival:

It's official - Reverend Cleatus will be taking our place amidst a dream line up of organ funk and raw soul bands: James Taylor Quartet, Baby Charles, Fast 3, The Diplomats of Solid Sound, The New Mastersounds and Stoned Soul Picnic. Last years event was a total delight - and if you are into hammonds, funk, jazz and soul then this is the dream holiday you've always fantasised about!!

The festival now boasts it's own website - which has ticket booking and line up details as well video clips from last years festival - including a rather sprightly live version of 'No Bones' by us - check that out!!! Dates for the festival are 19th, 20th and 21st July, with us playing the final night.

Other bits & pieces:

We recently had a quite spectacular time at Birmingham's newest and best funky venue - The Yardbird. Ollie, DJ Roy Roast Beef and the crew ensured that The Reverend was very well catered for (good quality wine and fresh nuns in the dressing room) and in return we turned out a rather spirited and lively performance which is rumoured to have been recorded on a early 20th century wax cylinder - which is hopefully going to be included in a 'Live At The Yardbird' compilation album!!

Check out The Yarbirds MySpace profile for more news as it happens:
The Fantastics come clean:

"yep - it was us wot done it!"In case you hadn't spotted it - 'Cheeba's Couch' the debut single from The Fantastics! (which is of course the members of Reverend Cleatus in cleaner underwear) was released by Raw Wax Records to great acclaim - Freestyle Records head honcho Adrian Gibson said it was "a very very very good funk 45" - superstar chap Snowboy said it's "one of the best new funk records of this year" Robert Elms opened his BBC London show with it on more than one occasion....even Craig Charles managed to play it once on BBC 6 Music - as did 'King Of The Mods' Eddie Piller...We are already well advanced on a follow up to The Fantastics first wax outing - so if you are intrigued by our side project shenanigans?

Find out more right here:

That's all for now - please come to the gigs - please buy our records....tell your square friends about us - after all - they are the ones with all the money.....The Rector(On Behalf of The Reverend)

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