Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Charles Walker & Dynamites CD Release Party Nashville 22/6/07

The Dynamites have dropped me a bulletin on their CD Release Party in Nashville this Friday:

Hey all o' y'all Southeasterners, the biggest Dyna-party of the decade happens THIS FRIDAY, JUNE 22 AT MERCY LOUNGE IN NASHVILLE.

The new album, KABOOM! is out, and we're going to throw down and celebrate!

Come on and check out all of the beautifunky sounds and the feel-good summertime soul stomp extraordinaire!!

We'd love to see all of y'all there! And the more of you that come to the show, the more outlandish, mind-blowing super soulness that comes out of Mr. Charles Walker!Please forward this bulletin on to all of your friends and something extra funky (good) will happen to you...Friday the Mercy Nashville.

COME ON WITH IT!!!!The Dynamites

I will review the the new CD as soon as I get a copy.

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