Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Young Birds Fly Update

Regular readers of IDR will know that I have regularly updated readers of the blog on the progress of the film Young Birds Fly since I was first in touch with the film's director Leonardo Flores.
For the benefit of new readers to IDR, Young Bird Fly is in the words of the Leonardo a film that
"Traces the wonder, discovery and disappointment of the contempory Los Angeles Mod/Skin/Northern Soul movement through the eyes of a quiet teenage girl named Jill."
The latest bulletin on the film from Leonardo came through last night:
I receive about 5 emails a day concerning the DVD release and Screenings of YBF. I have been focusing my attention over the last month on the Whittier, CA screening of YBF on July 21st. I want to screen to you all as much as you want to watch it but all the other areas that I have wanted to screen it have fell through. The only exception is if YBF gets picked up for festivals.
YBF is not on DVD yet, but after this Summer I will focus all my energy on the DVD release of Young Birds Fly as it seems that will be the best way to get it out to you, all over the world. I hope to have it on DVD by end of the year for you to purchase.
Thank you everone for your interest in Young Birds Fly and making it what it is.
Keep The Faith,
Leonardo Flores

Tracey Mathewson As Jill: The Venus Ace

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  1. hello fae greenock,scotland xx Scotland is waiting,patiently(but not for long!!!)tae see this film,Mr Flores could get a few notes in his pocket if ,,for some reason ,the film just happened to get ontae YouTube.Us peeps from Greenock dont care if he's not caught the escense,the real stuff about Californian Mod/Scoot,as long as there's scooters we(I)dont care.SO GIVE US THE FILUM.!!!!!!!