Sunday, August 19, 2007

Blackpool Mecca Special On Soul Discovery

I have been enjoying a nostalgic Sunday morning listening to Mick O'Donnell's Soul Discovery radio show special with Colin Curtis. Don't forget to listen to the show while it is still available on the Radio 209 website.

As regular readers of IDR will recall, I featured Colin Curtis as one of the biggest influences on my soul music collecting. It was wonderful to hear him talking about the 45s listed below putting them into their historical context during his legendary DJ spot in the Highland Room at the Blackpool Mecca in the mid-70's.

The Highland Room Special
Denise L a Salle “Love Reputation
The Glories “I worship you baby”
Leon Haywood “Baby Reconsider”
Billy Preston “Billy’s bag”
Charlie Rich “Love is after me”
The Tempo’s Countdown here I come”
Little Jimmy Scott “It Rained 40 days & nights”
Sidney Barnes “ I hurt on the other side”
Fred Hughes “I keep tryin’”
The Shirelles “Last minute miracle”
Jerry Williams 2If you ask me”
Frankie Beverly “If that’s what you wanted”
James Fountain “Seven day lover”
Eula Cooper “Let our love grow higher”
Mel Britt "She'll Come Running Back"
The MVP’S “Turning my heart beat up”
Epitome of Sound “You don’t love me”
Kenny Smith “Lord,what’s happening to your people”
Life “Tell Me Why”
Joshie Jo Armstead “I got the vibes”
Anderson Brothers “I can see him loving you”
Oscar Perry “I got what you need”
Patti Austin “Didn’t say a word”
The Carstairs “It Really Hurts Me Girl”
Gil Scott Heron “The Bottle”
Don Thomas “Come on”
The Voices of East Harlem “Cashing In”
Marvin Holmes “You better keep Her”
Dorothy Morrison “I can’t go without you”
Jeanie Tracy “Making new friends”
The Ultimates “Girl I’ve been try to tell you”
Bessie Banks “Don’t you worry the best is yet to come”
Almeta Lattimore “ These Memories”
Checkmates “All alone by the telephone”
JB Bingham “All alone by the telephone”
Windy City “Hey it’s over”
Freddie Lowe “Decisions short”
The Lost Family “Blow my mind”
Stevens & Foster “I want to be love”
Margo Thunder “The soul of a woman”
Larry Saunders “On the real side”
Bobby Taylor "There Are Roses Somewhere In The World"
Young Holt Unlimited “California Montage”

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