Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Steve Connor's Playlist @ Orwell 24/8/07

One of the reasons why the Orwell is such a good night is because the Orwell Collective of DJs is such a strong lineup with Steve Plumb, Barry Maleady, Flanny and Steve Connor.

I thought I'd post Steve's playlist because he was on top form again last Friday:

Hesitations Is This The Way To Treat A Girl GWP
Bobby Cutchins Leaving Lasso
Barbara Hall You Brought It On Yourself Innovation
Annette Poindexter Wayward Dream Twinight
Jackie Wilson I’m The One To Do It Brunswick
Innersection I'm In Debt To You Group 5
Jesse Gomez Lace Mankind
Seville Show Me The Way Kayo
Connie LaVerne Can't Live Without You Babe GSF
John Edwards How Can I Go On Without You Kent
Jeff Perry Love Don't Come No Stronger Arista
Edwin Starr Running Back & Forth Gordy
Four Tops Just Can't Get You Off My Mind ABC
Martha Reeves Love Guess Who Gordy
Satin Your Loves Got Me Sheel

He did play a couple of other tracks but I got distracted and forgot to note them down - I wouldn't make a good reporter!!!

I'll be back with Soul Sam's playlist who was one of the guests last week - after I speak to him because 50% of what he played was new to my ears!!!

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  1. Steve,

    My name is Jesse Gomez and you have the record Lace on your list. That record was released in 1981. It had air play in Los Angeles, S.F. , Atlanta and Chicago , it is a rare record..Where did you find it? Did you know that the famed musical conductor Les Baxter wrote that song? Good trivia for your readers.

    Jesse Gomez, Los Angeles