Saturday, August 18, 2007

Healer Select 26th August 2007

The guys sent me a bulletin:


Are you staying in London next week end or are you visiting the capital?

On Bank Holiday Sunday 26th August, we are having a RAISON D'ETRE CARNIVAL SPECIAL (totally free admission)

A massive party in Bricklane with a breath taking line up! We will also celebrate few birthdays that day, Healer Selecta (Mister Raison D'Etre) Breezy (lead singer Size Nine) Fabienne ( Lead Singer Bristols/Toe Rag) Ben Olin ( Dj Hide Out/Wild Week End) and maybe yours too. Join the unique vibe of RAISON D'ETRE in the heart of the best independent market in London, Live bands, Size Nine, Doktor Combover, Dirty Fuzz, Bo Didldey Tribute Band, Healer Selecta and many more International party DJS, BBQ in Back Yard and if we do have some sunshine we will have also more live music in the yard with BLT super tap dancers, V+RO ( the best one woman band in town) and many more ( see full program below) See you there.

For those of you who are in holiday, we hope you have plenty of sun and good time see you all soon

Crystal & Yvan

Date> Bank Holiday SUNDAY 26th AUGUST 2007
Venue> 93 FEET EAST, 150 Bricklane, E1, London.
Time>From 2pm to 10h30pm (Live Music Hall, front bar & terrace)
Admission: FREE all Day.


THE DOKTOR COMBOVER, direct from Liverpool and Las Vegas, the best in Sleazy-Burlesque-Grind Vintage 50's & 60's Sound, they are truly the illegal children of Russ Meyer and Betty Page!

*SIZE NINE super romper stomper NU Funk Latino Soul will make the dance floor "crazy-mad-crazy" once again...

*The DIRTY FUZZ pure riot Rock'n Roll Soul, a great mix between AC-DC and Aretha Franklin.

*An other premiere and surprise with musicians from the legendary Milkshakes, Paloma Faith, Showman & The Thunderous Staccatos (Healer Selecta on guitar), Errol Linton and more... THE BO DIDDLEY TRIBUTE JAM BAND, will bring the diddy wah diddy and the killer diller stomp to you.

*Highly popular Reggae PA, HEALER & THE STORM

*B.L.T tap dancers Soul, Rockabilly, Samba, US Garage Punk, Surf, Rhythm & Blues, Funk, Hip Hop, Girls Group, Reggae, Afro Beat, Mambo, etc.. and of course a Dj set from the Dj who has made London Swing Again (Mojo)

HEALER SELECTA, plus PJ from DIRTY WATER CLUB, LA MIA BO ( Raison D'Etre/ Lady Soul),

BARNEY & CHARLENE (SOUNDS THAT SWING) BRUCE BRAND (ex Milkshakes/Headcoats, etc..) CRISPIN (ex-Galiano), BLUE MOVIES (Different Stroke) BEN OLLINS (Hide Out) DJ AMMA (Lady Soul), GOGO CAGE

*Plus BBQ+ Live music from Artists from the Raison D'Etre collective IN THE COURTYARD

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