Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rhonda Davis A Long Walk On A Short Pier Duke

Rhonda Davis A Long Walk On A Short Pier Duke

I once wrote a paper on time and place in music. The paper was about how the experience of where and the technology we use to listen to music can affect the meaning of music. Why do I mention that?

This morning the sun is shining, I fall upon Rhonda Davis's beautifully plaintive song and next minute my mind drifts off to the West Coast of America. My memory pulls out from the back of my mind Hearst Pier on Hearst Beach in California. A place where I spent a delightful day with the family back in 2004. I recall lying on the beach under the pier trying to capture some shade from the fierce sun. As I lay there, Rhonda's song drifted into my mind because it is one of the few soul records which mentions a pier!

What fascinates me is the amount of images and memories your brain actually holds and that you can conjure up remarkable associations which ordinarly should not sit together. Rhonda's song is an unhappy paen to her lover cheating while my memory is one of total relaxation and happiness.............Rhonda never intended that to occur but that's what happens when we take music and transform it and make it personal to us.........

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