Friday, August 24, 2007

Eddie Parker Love You Baby Googa Mooga

Eddie Parker Love You Baby Googa Mooga

Back again with the European picture sleeves. This time around we have Eddie Parker's perennial classic issued on the delightfully named Googa Mooga label which used to conjure up all sorts of exotic images in my mind.

This has to be one the most driving pieces of soul put together in the 60's by Detroit maestro Jack Ashford. To think all that sound is Eddie's vocals with wonderful backing vocals by Lorraine Chandler and the Ebonies plus Jack on piano, pulsating bass from Mike Oposki, sublime guitar runs by James Pavlack and all held together by crunching drums courtesy of Al Gordon.

Tim Brown wrote a definitive article on Eddie's releases back in the late 80's for Voices From The Shadows. You can read the article here:

Eddie Parker Pt 1

Eddie Parker Pt 2

You can also find an interview with him in Manifesto magazine.


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