Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tyrone Ashley Let Me Be Your Man CD

I mentioned this CD a while back and since it dropped through the door it hasn't been off the player.

I had a bulletin through from Tyrone to say that Turntable Records are currently selling autographed copies of the 45 from the CD.

Check out the link below:

Here's the blurb on the CD from Chris Lemon-Red over a Turntable:

LAB EXCLUSIVO: While supplies last, all orders for the vinyl version of Let Me Be Your Man will also receive a Tyrone Ashley-signed 45 with "Love Me A Little While Longer" b/w "I Can't Help Myself."Sammy Campbell (aka Tyrone Ashley) and Funky Music Machine never managed to release more than a debut single during their heyday, but Truth & Soul has been quietly remedying that over the last few years. First there were a couple well-received 45s ("Gotta Clean Up The World," Parts 1(1) and 2(2)), and now we get this - a full-length collection of tracks unearthed from Campbell's Record Hut studio. It's perfect that this should finally come out on Truth & Soul, since it has so many of the vintage sonic hallmarks that they seem to emulate - this is true soul, at times both warm and gritty, and always very funky. Check the elastic bass and driving horns of "Sing A Song Sister(3)," or the 8-minute slow-burner "Does Frankie Ever Call My Name(4)." Even the silly stuff (like the warbly cover of "I Can't Help Myself(5)") is so soulful and genuine that you can't help but love it. Campbell was a Plainfield, NJ, contemporary of one George Clinton, and though you can't hear many similarities to P-Funk in the music, you can catch Clinton's axeman Eddie Hazel and Billy Nelson on "Come On Home(6)." Plenty of pics and detailed liner notes. Recommended.

Totally agree with you Chris!!!!

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