Monday, August 20, 2007

"Going Back To New Orleans":The Deacon John Film

Just had a mail through from Cyril Vetter, the manager of New Orleans maestro extraordinaire Deacon John. Deacon John is a hugely talented performer who can sing in many styles and is also an excellent bandleader and guitarist.

Here's the message:
Exciting things are happening in the world of Deacon John. On August 29, "Going Back To New Orleans, The Deacon John Film" premiers on Fox's MyNetworkTV at 8 ET. (Check local listings for time and channel.) Also, starting on August 29 the film will be promoted and available on AOL at AOL True Stories. I'll also be doing a blog on AOL about the film, the people in it, the story of New Orleans music in the 50's and early 60's, the impact of Katrina (and other relevant topics like LSU football!)

Then, beginning on Sept. 2nd, the PBS HD channel will replay "Deacon John's Jump Blues," the concert of music from the film and the rotation is: 9/2/07, 9pm ET & PT, and on 9/4/07, 3pm ET, and 9/5/07, 11am ET. So I hope you'll tune in to the film and I hope you find it interesting and enjoyable. If you were at the concert, you know how much we all enjoyed that night. And with all that's happened since, that night seems like a distant and much less complicated time....

I highly recommend the Deacon John's Jump Blues CD and DVD which should still be available through Amazon etc..... I first met Deacon in N.O. in 2004 at a gig in Virgin Records Megastore and then again in 2005 at the Ponderosa Stomp where he was one of the highlights of the show!

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