Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Spinning Some Sounds

Spinning Some Sounds Mix
The irony of this mix is that not all the tracks in this mix got on to vinyl! Well CDs still spin around don't they???
All 5 tracks were originally unissued and lay in the cans after the demise of Detroits's Terra Shirma studios when the Lemmons brothers Gold Soul operation ran out of money in the early 70's. You can read the story in the 90's Goldmine release The Lost Soul Of Detroit which is one of their lesser known titles. The Metros and the Nelson Sanders tracks did get issued on 45 on Soul King back in 1991
In some ways a lot of the material released in the 90's on CD is getting forgotten about because it appeared in such abundance. I thought I'd resurrect a few killers here this AM.
1. Metros She's Not Just Everybody's Girl
2. Nelson Sanders I Hold The Key
3. Willie White I'm Leaving Baby
4. Willie Hatcher I Gotta Know
5. Sammy Turner Nothing Can Seperate Me

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