Wednesday, August 22, 2007

DJ Paul & Deep Fried

DJ Paul thanked me recently for a shout on here for his Deep Fried nights.

Check out his website where you can listen to some archived radio shows. Here is a playlist from a recent show to get you going:

Carmen McRae "Take five" Columbia
Miss LaVell "Run to you" Duke
Etta James "Seven Day Fool" Argo
Carol Fram "I'm Gonna Try" Port Records
Jarvis Jackson "The long dog" Sims records
Nathaniell Mayer "I want love and affection" Fortune
Tommy Bush "Come on now" Boxer
Joe Simon "Just like yesterday" Irral
Bobby Thomas and The Afros "Please Mr Lovemaker" Lyndell
Scott. Bros Orchestra "I Don't wanna loose you baby" Toddlin' Town
Johnny Copeland "Wizard of art" Kent
Carlton Basco "Don't chain my soul" Freedom
Little Denise "Check me out" Ruthies
Jackson Sisters "I Believe in Miracles" Polydor
Cloud "Blame it on the sun" Chapman Records
Jeff Perry "Unforgettable person" Arista
J.O.B. Orchestra "Yeld to him" 33rpm only Govinda Productions N.Y.
Funkhouse Express "Chase Your Blues Away" Roxbury
Lee Shot Williams "It ain't me" U.A.
Ujima "I'm Getting Hip" Epic
Bobby Long & The Dealers "I gotta have love too" Old Town
World's Funkiest Band "When you're alone" California Gold
Peggy Gaines "Sweet Way of living" Ref.o.ree
Delcordas "She's the one i love" Atlantic
Neil Reed "Not as beautiful as you" Music Now

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