Thursday, August 23, 2007

Johnny Brantley Productions Update 2

In the last, 18 months I have managed to accumulate a large amount of information on Johnny Brantley's productions. I thought I would refelct where we are at and what still needs to be done.

Index of Johnny Brantley Related Material

I am conscious that all this information is scattered across the blog and is not is easy to access. Therefore I am going to post an index when I have completed all the posts on Johnny's productions to make it easier to access the posts.

There's That Beat Article On Johnny Brantley Productions

I have already mentioned this in a previous post and it is the most comprehensive article on Johnny. This will be out in the first week of September and I keep you posted.

Johnny Brantley Productions Mix

This will appear on the blog to coincide with the publication of the There's That Beat article

Johnny Brantley Productions: Discography

Since producing on last year, I need to update this because I have discovered several more productions.

In order to complete my posts on Johnny's productions, I still need to fill in gaps on the artists below:

Jimmy Castor

I am working on a post on his involvement with Johnny.

Marion Farmer

I will post up a scan and soundfile soon of the Tower 45

Jimi Hendrix

This is a difficult one and I will post up my take on his work with Johnny.

Lee Moses

Though I have posted several times on Lee, I still need to post all the information I collected for the Sanctuary Records Time & Place CD and make it available here.

Ohio Players

I am working on a post to outline their work with Johnny.

Sam Williams

I still need to access soundfiles and scans to complete a post on Sam's work with Johnny.

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