Saturday, February 17, 2007

Soul Resurrection Vol 1

Jim Lancaster dropped me a line this week to tell me that Soul Resurrection Vol 1 would soon be shipped. This CD is the first of hopefully several documenting Finley Duncan's Playground Studio productions.

You can read all about the project at the Playground.

Here is the publicity blurb including how to get the CD:

"NOW COMPLETED AND SENT TO PRESS!!! "SOUL RESURRECTION" VOL. #1 Some rare cuts from BIG JOHN HAMILTON, DORIS ALLEN, REUBEN HOWELL, LEROY LLOYD, LEN WADE and JIMMIE NELSON. Some of the tracks we are using have never been released and are some FUNKY SOUL Music. Included in "Soul Resurrection" are a couple of cuts by Len Wade, which we found at the last moment when assembling the master. These cuts are from 1966 and include "Everybody's Clown" with the Memphis Horns and an alternative cut of "Love Comes and Goes".

To purchase your copy and be on the first shipping list send $20.00 to Playground Recording Studio, 101 Westview Ave., Valparaiso, Fl. 32580 USA we will pick up the shipping in the US. Customers abroad must include $5.00 for shipping. We also accept PayPal payments. Our account is Please include return shipping address."

For a full track listing checkout the website.

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