Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Alive & Kicking Tighter,Tighter

I recently heard the above 45 on the radio and just couldn't place it! A bit of digging turned up some info on the group:

Alive and Kicking was a pop/rock septet from New York led by singers Pepe Carona and Sandy Toder, who scored a number seven hit in 1970 with 'Tighter, Tighter,' a song co-written and produced by Tommy James. They later modified their name to Alive 'N Kickin'. Bruce Sudano, later of Brooklyn Dreams and husband of Donna Summer, was a member. - Ron, Curitiba, Brazil.

Here is a bit more detail:

Six months after the dissolution of Tommy James and the Shondells (he retired to a 3000-acre farm in upstate New York), James decided to go back into the studio. He recorded the backing tracks for 'Tighter Tighter', but when it became time to sing the lead vocal, he froze at the microphone (he was afraid of failure). Instead of recording this himself, James called some friends from Brooklyn (the group Alive and Kicking) and offered them the opportunity of making a hit record. After they accepted his offer, James recorded their vocals on his backing tracks. The success of this gave James the confidence to put together another hit and overcome his "mic fright." In 1971, he sang lead on his first solo hit, "Draggin' the Line."
The 45 is very catchy and I am not sure why it seems to have surfaced after all these years - is it on a compilation?


  1. Yes: On several: Try & call this lady, & ask her what she has in stock:

    Colleen's Collectibles

    1476 Oakland Park Avenue, Columbus, OH 43224
    phone: (614) 261-1585


    She may have several on vinyl, but she does not carry nor buy c.d's....
    The group can also be found on the time warner c.d. collection, as well: Goto: Timelife.com, & look up the "60's" conpendium set: Good?...

  2. Anonymous4:22 AM

    are they still around they used to play asmall club called wilsons garage in the summer in westhampton .they were has beens 20 years ago

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  4. Anonymous9:09 AM

    great song, great band should have done more songs

  5. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Terrific Cover Band with some original hits of their own.

    Band I used to see @ Wilson's Garage in Westhampton (yes both Friday and Saturday night) included Pepe, Dave, Woody, Richie and Vito. Place was packed ALL the time.

    Never a has been and never will be

    They still perform in the tri-state area but the only member who remains is Pepe.