Thursday, April 03, 2008

Floyd Lawson and the Hearts of Stone "K Gee" / "It only takes a minute girl"

I recently posted on the reissue of the Floyd Lawson & Hearts Of Stone album Coming Out and now I have news from the Milan label Record Kicks of a 45 off the album:

RK45 018 Floyd Lawson and the Hearts of Stone "K Gee" / "It only takes a minute girl" CAT. N.

RK45 018 - UPC 8016670337546 - 45rpm/DIGI

Thanks to a collaboration with our mates at Montreal based Afrokats Records we present for the first time on vinyl 2 crossover soul undiscovered gems from Floyd Lawson and the Hearts of Stone. These two tracks were recorded in 1975 for "Coming out" second full lengh release for the Heart of Stone and are possibly the best funk & soul tracks ever recorded in Quebec. On the a side "K Gee", a stormer funk cover from the Nite Liters; on the flip side crossover soul beauty "It only takes a minute girl".

Floyd Lawson and the Hearts of Stone were originally from Philadelphia but moved to Canada in the early 70s. The album "Coming Out" remained un-released and was mainly used as a promotional tool, helping to land gigs within local and international tour circuits. The few LPs pressed by Floyd Lawson at the time are now very indemand by soul collectors and changes hands for vast sums of money. Nevertheless unknown artists, The Hearts of Stone had previously released their debut album "Stop the World" on Motown’s VIP label in 1970.

Release date 21 April 2008 on 45 Rpm/Digital download.

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