Friday, April 11, 2008

Jamal Evans After All This Time

Jamal Evans After All This Time Snippets

There is so much music out there!!! I found out about this album from Soul Treasures which is an excellent source of information. However, I must also pay thanks to Mick O'Donnell 's Soul Discovery show and his guests for many of the recent features on IDR especially Mark Merry and Steve Dolan for turning me onto some cracking sounds such as Pookie Lane and Maurice. In the near future, I'll be back with a feature on Steve Dolan's Soul Sounds and some of the sounds he is turning up.

The Jamal Evans album stems from 2001 and here is a brief bio:

Mr. Evans is an instrumentalist/vocalist/producer extraordinaire. He attended Brooklyn College where he majored in Psychology and minored in Music. After performing and/or working with some of today's top musical acts, in addition to working with some popular up and coming groups, Mr. Evans formed Intrinsic, dedicated to working with the truly "talented" artist. The list of popular performers that Mr. Evans has worked with is impressive: Tony Terry, Martha Walsh, En Vogue, Cover Girls, The Late Phyllis Hyman, Run DMC, Chaka Khan, BoysIIMen, Maurice White, Sandra St. Vincent (The Family Stand), Surface, and the late AAliYah to name a few. Martha Wash (Two Tons of Fun, Weather Girls, C&C Music Factory) was quoted saying, "He is a very intelligent/talented man, great fun to be around. He truly understands what the music business is about." Mr. Evans has worked as a Senior level executive in several major companies and that experience shines through in everything that he does.

Mr. Evans has been quoted saying, "The world is so fast paced that it's missing opportunities to experience and enjoy True Talent. Reality music television is killing the creativity of the Artist of old. Intrinsic intends on bringing back the standard/prerequisite of fame: 'true talent!'" A new 2008 album is in the works but many fans have asked to purchase the first release from 2001. So... here it is just for you. Enjoy. CD Baby

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