Saturday, April 12, 2008

Soul Mish Mash

I get a lot of material sent to me by media outlets and this week I was sent the following:

"Data from the survey shows that user-generated content is in tremendous demand across the generations, with 51% of all consumers watching and/or reading content created by others and 40% of all consumers are creating their own entertainment, such as editing movies, music and photos.." -Recently released Deloitte's study on Media & Entertainment

The above statement set me thinking about all the video clips I had lying around mostly picked up off You Tube and MySpace. In particular, I had a lot of "retro soul", Hammond Beat etc, which I thought I would collate and create my own entertainment centre called Soul Mish Mash to share with others.

Soul Mish Mash will be a place where I will only being posting video - so you can put your feet up and watch the videos all in one place. I will also post links to the artists sites or MySpace for anyone who is interested in finding out more.

Please drop over!!!

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