Monday, August 04, 2008

OC Tolbert 45 On Jazzman Records

Jazzman Records have mailed me to say that they have re-issued the killer Tolbert 45 on their label:

Tolbert Clip

NEW FOR AUGUST:SOUL45.003 TOLBERT The first official re-release of the $4000 modern soul single on VERY LIMITED 7" and also on 12" with extended unreleased version!!!***NOTE this will NOT be available anywhere else until Sept.

O.C. “Arthur Cleveland” Tolbert was also known as “The Miracle Man” and released several records, mostly for producer Jack Taylor and his myriad of labels. He also recorded a highly collectable funk LP ‘Damn Sam the Miracle Man’, though ‘I Got It’ can lay claim to the masterpiece he recorded in 1982 after almost 30 years in the business. Lauded on the soul scene as a true gem that could single handedly define the term ‘modern soul’, ‘I Got It’ is a mid-tempo clubber that has recently approached anthemic status. The ultra-rare status of the original 45 means only a select few DJs such as Ian Wright, fryer and Soul Sam have been able to give it a play, and the four-figure price tag has been a stumbling block for many soul fans too. And now we’re happy to announce that our official re-release is available to all. It’s taken us three years to organise the release of ‘I’ve Got It’, including a special trip to NYC to meet songwriter Bill Mersey. Originally released only as a 7” single, our limited edition of 500 copies will set forth a stampede amongst the soul 7” collectors and DJs, and the unreleased 12” version will delight those who prefer their soul on big vinyl.

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