Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vipers Soul Club 29/8/08

I've picked up a message on the above:

10pm Fri., Aug. 29
Shadow Lounge, E. Liberty
1960s R&B, Motown and Northern Soul: DJs Juddy & Gordy
All New Orleans set at Midnight!
New double-CD of rare 45s from New Orleans and Beyond
Proceeds benefit ACORN New Orleans and the Millvale Library Project

More info:

"Mary, grab the baby / the river's rising…" – traditional folksong, Luziana and Millvale


New Orleans, my friends, is the Vipers' natural habitat: it's our sweetheart, our Rubaiyat, and our Driving Wheel. New Orleans was a cipher to start – muddled with voodoo and garnished with mist, music and murder. Now, three years since the waters crept ever higher and our blissful leader had his colors brightly shown, many of our fellow Vipers still struggle.

A little closer to home – right here in Pittsburgh, PA, our beloved best gal and main twist – our fellow Vipers across the muddy water in Millvale have suffered the rising stream. From its streets and homes have sprung many fellow Vipers – fans of Porky, Mike and Terry – and there too, when the waters rose, we saw what our leaders are made of.

Once or twice a year, We Vipers find fit to put our selfish pride and damaged wisdom aside, and this, my friends, is one of those times. On this anniversary of the floods in New Orleans and Millvale, like an affront to the rising tides and the trick bags our blissful leaders carry, We Vipers follow the spirit of our Driving Wheel and rejoice in Living as the Best Revenge!

As fellow Viper, Allen Toussaint, says: "I'm gonna drink from my cup / until I get enough / wine, women and song / the whole night through / that's what I'm gonna do."

1960s R&B, Motown, Northern Soul: That's our mandate. This month, we'll add a heaping scoop of New Orleans sounds from F. Domino, A. Toussaint, B. Harris, W. Tee, and so many, many more! And for a few mere dollars, you can take 'em home with a NEW 2-CD SET OF RARE SOUL, FUNK, AND R&B FROM NEW ORLEANS AND BEYOND! All proceeds go to ACORN New Orleans, helping to galvanize low-income communities in the Crescent City, and the MILLVALE LIBRARY PROJECT, working towards similar goals across the stream.

Our blissful leaders saw New Orleans and saw Millvale, bet on Death, and lost! The time is nigh to celebrate the Living and show that We Vipers know How To Pick A Winner.

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