Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oscar Toney Jr At Capricorn

Oscar Toney Jr @ Capricorn
Following on from my previous post on photos taken at the Capricorn Studios - I thought I'd dig out four Capricorn 45s featuring Oscar Toney Jr.

Oscar Toney Jr with Tom Dowd
1. Down On My Knees Capricorn 8005
2. Seven Days Tomorrow Capricorn 8005
3. Person To Person Capricorn 8010
4. I Wouldn't Be A Poor Boy Capricorn 8010
5. Workin' Together Capricorn 8018
6. The Baby Is Mine Capricorn 8018
7. Thank You, Honey Chile Capricorn 0005
8. I Do What You Wish (But I Wish What You Do Wouldn't Hurt Me So) Capricorn 0005

Please note that Capricorn 8018 was recorded at Malaco Studios in Jackson and that Capricorn 0005 was recorded at the Broadway Studios in Sheffield Alabama.

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  1. Wonderful to hear these great tracks by one of my all time favourite singers! Its a shame they aren't out there on cd. Oscar rarely received the recognition he truly deserved. Thank you for sharing this fabulous music!