Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Soul Ascension Festival Berlin 2007

Just got full details through of Soul Ascension Festival in Berlin May 16th - 19th:

"Nothing but good soulful vibes at this cool & live happening with bbq and proper good music" Jazzman Gerald

You can blow your mind at home, or you can go see the POETS OF RHYTHM! - I was convinced I was right, when I printed this to the hand-copied black and white flyer I made for their first show at LOVELITE. We made friends immediately. Shortly before we discovered that we share the same preferences when it comes to music they got introduced to me and my associate Jochen by German DJ veteran SOUL RABBI. This good fellow knew what we are up to and we soon came to the idea of making a Raw Soul or Rare Funk Festival. With these guys' help we initiated the 1st International Rare Funk Festival in 2006 - that only happened to take place around the christian Ascension Day - without the help of any sponsoring partner. So now we are hefting it to the next level. Beatneck


Calypso King & THE SOUL INVESTIGATORS were the first band to issue a full-length album on SOUL FIRE, and like many of the groups in Soul Fire's founder Lehman's orbit, their origins were unlikely: a Meters/J.B.'s/MG's-styled instrumental funk band from Helsinki, Finland. Forming in 1998, the group issued a couple of 45s before hooking up with Lehman; after a debut single on Soul Fire in 2000, "Compin' and Smokin'," they recorded their debut full-length, SOUL STRIKE! which was released in 2001. The Soul Investigators subsequently recorded for their own TIMMION label with a newly added horn section and together with chanteuse NICOLE WILLIS they recorded their critically acclaimed "KEEP REACHIN' UP" album in 2005.


Since 1990 the WHITEFIELD BROTHERS and their main project the POETS OF RHYTHM are occurring as one of the most important influences in contemporary Raw Soul and Funk. Instigated by Munich-based Raregroove DJ FLORIAN KELLER they create a unique style that takes the sheer power of the genuine Funk and Soul era from 1967 to 1972 flavoured with a sophisticated knowledge about worldwide music history and driven by a truly inspired creativity.


When you talk about the AFROBEAT ACADEMY, you have to drop the name Oghene Kologbo. Born in Nigeria he faced a terrible youth being a child soldier before he joined FELA KUTI and AFRICA 70 at the age of 14. Since then the anarchic genius "Prof. Dr. Mad Guitar" has devastated stages like a dervish of African Soul. The 13 man AFROBEAT ACADEMY band features a host of heavy international musicians that send Kologbo's original afrobeat messages into the next afro-dimension.


As a main part of the vivid Spanish Raw Soul scene this organ driven 6 piece combo is one of today's most ambitious groove suppliers. Trained in styles similar to the Soul Jazz grooves of the late 60s, Speak Low are now on tour with their own sound and compositions – definitely shouldn't miss these guys bringin' some southern heat to this year's Soul Ascension festival.


Here come the protagonists of psychedelic afro-funk! With their stunning 45 contributions to New York's SOUL FIRE catalogue and a bunch of releases on their own WATOU label, these musicians from Mighty Munich demonstrate their unique ability to combine the essences of funk and afro-beat, flavouring the whole thing with their very own psychedelic approach.


To be correct you should call them NEO-HIP-HOT-KIDDIES COMMUNITY as they appear on the 1st RABBI RECORDS' piece of vinyl. Laying down only raw and airily primitive partygrooves they embody the teenage cavemen of Soul. *** "The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing" JAMES BROWN


MAN AND HIS MISSION: As the perfect incarnation of Agent Double-O-Soul, the infamous DJ SOUL RABBI enlightens dance floors all over Europe with his straightforward mix of rare funky sevens and crowd-shaking soul classics. The man doesn't intent to follow the trendy "deep funk" cliché – instead he's fortifying his license to kill by spinning real soul music without the boundaries of rareness or a "high priced singles only" attitude.


The Initiator of the Munich Raw Funk Scene who talked the POETS Of RHYTHM into doing what they are doing! Musical-wise, in Keller's sets you can expect erything between the roots of Funk and Drum & Bass, between 60's Afro-Cuban Jazz and Boogie, between Organic Hip Hop, intelligent Funk Beats and what you might call NuJazz and Breaks. - or just a plain, nose-bleedin' Garage Funk Set. Everything but a run-down of the common. Open minded but still extremely danceable are the cornerstones, not recognition and cliches. Since 1991 INTO SOMETHIN' clubnight. From 1994 Into Somethin' radioshow [from january on @ samurai.fm]. Since 1993 FUNK SQUAD w. Jan Weissenfeldt [Poets Of Rhythm] located @ Atomic Cafe, Munich/Germany.


Since 1996 ENLACE FUNK is the only black music magazine in Spanish language. MIGUEL A. SUTIL is its creator. He has also edited several compilations of Funk, Jazz and Spanish grooves for Enlace Funk and VAMPI SOUL as well . As a resident DJ in several Clubs of Madrid he presents the radio show Mundo Jumbo. His style is a mix of funk, soul and jazz with a latin flavour.


George is the founder and editor of the UK's infamous BIG DADDY MAGAZINE, and has also edited the GRAND SLAM mag. Currently running Concourse Records, he also collects the music of many genres and plays funk & soul 45s at renowned soul nights such as Soul Sides [Helsinki] or Struttin' [Amsterdam] to name a few.


As one of the longest-in-business DJ veterans of Hungary his excellent collection is graced with unheard hungarian groove truffles. Expect the unexpected.

*** SOUL ASCENSION - Level II @ LOVELITE Simplonstr. 38/40 Friedrichshain 10245 Berlin Germany

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