Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Post 500: Looking Back & West Coast Special

Eli's Mile High Club Oakland

I started the blog in August 2005 and this is the 500th post. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me with blog and to the people who have dropped by.

Since 2005, I have considerably developed the blog by adding audio and video via You Tube. I intend to keep on developing the blog so please continue to drop in!

For the 500th post, I thought I would feature audio clips of tracks featured since 2005 with links to the original posts. I have given this retrospective a West Coast feel with 5 cuts from Oakland and LA:

Eddie Foster I'm Grown Progress

Eddie Foster

California Soul Explosion feat. Wylie Trass The Feeling Pashlo

Wylie Trass

Johnny Talbot What Do You Wanna Do Red Fire

Johnny Talbot

Lonnie Hewitt Git It Fantasy

Lonnie Hewitt

Neal Kimble You Sure Got A Funny Way Venture

Neal Kimble 1

Neal Kimble 2

Neal Kimble 3


  1. Well, congratulations are in order then, Colin!

    Thanks for all the great music and research...not to mention all of your invaluable input over at 'soul detective'!

    Big Up Yo'self!!

    -red kelly

  2. Anonymous4:27 PM

    really too bad that there are no longer soul nights at Eli's. btw, nice selection of tracks!!

  3. Hi Red & Kevin

    Thanks for the feedback - plenty more good stuff in the pipeline!!!