Sunday, May 06, 2007

Texas Soul

Rufus Woods Before 2001 Espanola

I have just found a site dedicated to Texas Soul which joins a band of other excellent sites featuring labels associated with a city or State such as Georgia Soul, N Y Soul, D C Soul etc

I thought I'd feature a long time favourite Rufus Wood's Before 2001 on the Texan Espanola label. When I first heard this 45, we were over 20 years away from the Millennium. I wonder whether Rufus's dreams for the Millennium ever came to fruition? Ghettoville - the other side of the 45 also continues a political/social theme.

I only recently discovered that my copy is a legitimate 2nd release and that for years I had been under the misapprehension that mine was a bootlegged copy! The side remains one of my favourite Texan 45s alongside Lou Pride's Suemi cuts and Oscar Perry's Peritone 45s.

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