Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tribute to Sister Funk 2

One of the most impressive CD collections released this year has been Jazzman Records Sister Funk 2. The set was compiled by DJ Ian Wright and contains a whole batch of fantastic sounds.

I read a recent post on the Fryer Mantis Funk 45 forum paying tribute to the CD and directing us to a complimentary download of further Sister Funk sides. Having read this post, I decided to do my own tribute to the CD by flipping over one of the sides featured on the Jazzman records CD - Dolly Gilmore's "Sweet Sweet Baby" and posting the official A-side "Don't You Know You're The Yes".
Dolly Gilmore Don't You Know You're The Yes Dove

Soulkombinat guys

You can catch the download mentioned on Fryer Mantis Funk 45 forum on the Soulkombinat site. The download was put together by Johnny Hitman, Kristan Auth, Dynamic Don, Steve Inch and Steinbild
Here's the playlist:
1 Belita Woods - Magic Corner (Moira) Steven Inch
2 Ann Bailey - Sweeping your dirt under my rug (Wand) Steinbild
3 Barbara Lynn - Nice and Easy (Atlantic) Johnny Hitman
4 Irene and the Scotts - I’m stuck on my baby (Smash) Kristian Auth
5 Janis Joplin - Try (Columbia) Dynamic Don
6 Bit of Honey - Live in maid (Shout) Steven Inch
7 Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - I’m not gonna cry (Daptone) Steinbild
8 Marie Adams - That´s the way to get along (Encore) Johnny Hitman
9 Victoria Williams & J.B. Ledbetter - Show some sign (Verve) Kristian Auth
10 Jann Zachery - Down to earth (Zack’s) Dynamic Don
11 Betty Wilson - Let me groove you (Warren) Steven Inch
12 Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSanto - In the basement (Pt. 1) (Cadet) Steinbild
13 Alice Clark - You got a Deal (Rainy Day) Johnny Hitman
14 Ella Fitzgerald - These boots are made for walkin’ (Salle) Kristian
15 Ruth Brown - Taking care of Business (Atlantic) Dynamic Don
16 Audrey Royal - Super Sexy Soul Man (Spector) Steven Inch
17 Helena Hollins - Baby, you’re right (Stonegood) Steinbild
18 Margie Joseph - I can’t move no mountain (Atlantic) Johnny Hitman
19 The Trinikas - Black is beautiful (Pearce) Kristian
20 Arlene Brown - Impeach me, Baby (Dynamite) Dynamic Don
21 Patti Austin - Magical Boy (UA) Steven Inch
22 QSO feat. Alice Russell - Pushin’ on (Tru Thoughts) Steinbild
23 Sundia - Stand up and be a Man (United) Johnny Hitman
24 Carol Anderson - Don’t destroy me (Mutt) Kristian
25 Ceresa Watson - Dead (Charay) Dynamic Don

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  1. hi Colin, thank you for posting our mix. great site.