Sunday, May 06, 2007

San Francisco and Bay Area 45's

Stanley Lippitt 20-20 Vision Fos-Glo
I had a mail through from Mark who has a site called dedicated to the Bay Area artists Stanley Lippitt and Lady Bianca but also includes over 300 Bay Area record labels from the 1950's onwards and their releases, where the label was from, who owned it etc -please drop by.
As regular readers of IDR will know I have a soft spot for the Bay Area and it is great that Mark is documenting the area's soul releases.
I have posted up my favourite 45 by Stanley which I picked up in 1979 from my friend Martin Barnfather aka Soul Sam. I had gone round to his house to help him move. After we had go to his new home, we started unpacking his records and everything else went out the window as we set up his decks and dived in to playing 45s. At the time, I was chasing any 70's obscurity and was intrigued by the above 45 which I eventually persuaded him to part with. However, I do recall that he wouldn't part with another obscure West Coast 45 by Dana V Andrews Mr Justice on Davida!

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