Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Clarence Reid Primetime/Gas Guzzler Rabbit Factory 45

A bit late with this one - a double sided cracker from Blowfly himself and his first 45 under his real name since the 70's!!!.
Rabbit Factory is a record label forged by Chicago soul DJ and record collector, John Ciba, and IMPOSE publisher and NYC industry veteran, Derek Evers, with the intention of preserving and renewing Southern music. They must be applauded in getting Clarence to record this side which is firmly in the new wave of funk which is hitting the USA and hopefully bringing him to a new and young audience.
John & Derek
I got my copy from Dusty Groove and they have a good summary of the 45:

Great funky work from Clarence "Blowfly" Reid -- some of the first material issued under his own name in many decades, and a single that stands right up there with his 70s best! "Primetime" begins with plenty of full-on drums -- rolling fast and really keeping things funky -- while Clarence belts out the lyrics with a sly, raspy edge -- over guitar vamps and plenty of horns! "Gas Guzzler" is another funky groover -- very uptight and upbeat, again with more great drums!
Get over there and get a copy!

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  1. I remember Blowfly. He was nasty. Do you remember a song real funky it would say "squat that rabbit, that rabbit" and then the rabbit would say, "I been a baaaaaad rabbit!"