Monday, November 26, 2007

The Apples

This last weekend, I heard the latest 45 from The Apples on the Craig Charles BBC 6 Funk & Soul Show - well worth checking out via Freestyle Records or The Apples MySpace or their website.

The Apples consist of Arthur Krasnobaev-Trumpet; Yaron Ouzana-Trombone; Oleg Nayman-Tenor & Soprano Saxophones; Yuval Tabachnik-Baritone Saxophone; Shai Ran- Acoustic Bass; Yonadav Halevy- Drums; DJ Todres- Turntables; Schoolmaster-Turntables; MixMonster-Sound Console & Live Effects.

Here's the blurb on the band:

For their second 7" single for Freestyle Records, Israel's prized party collective The Apples have finally released a version of Rage Against The Machine's "Killing in the name of...", a long running gig favorite, which sold out 1500 copies in less than a month. They've already become recognized as ones to watch on the international live circuit since dropping the "Attention!" single on Freestyle last year, featured on the "Let the Groove Move You" compilation, and touring the UK in January. The Apples are a nine-strong group hailing from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, weaving big band jazz into raw funk rhythm patterns and scratch routines. Their live performances have audiences dancing and laughing from the get go. Into the mix they throw anything from Ray Charles samples to traditional Jewish Kleizmer melodies. Initially a spontaneous composition ensemble, the band developed their eclectic and diverse take on funk over the last four years, forgoing the traditional use of Guitar or Keyboards. Centering around the decks, flanked by a sharp horn section, served up by thick double bass lines and steadfast drum beats. In addition to the afformentioned Seven Inchers - two albums- "MITZ" (2003) and "ATTENTION!" (2005) were released independently in Israel and now distributed all over the globe.

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