Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blue 45s The Ultimate Jukebox

At one time, I used to collect Blue Note 45s but sadly I let them all go many years ago. Therefore, I was pleased to see the above collection and now I can get some of them back in this inspired compilation.

Very cool new compilation that brings to light a side of Blue Note that's been long neglected over the years -- the label's firm dedication to putting out 45 rpm versions of some of their bigger tracks, or some of the material that was more oriented towards the groovy jukebox crowd. This CD contains 21 tracks that fall into that vein, and all of them are the versions that were released by Blue Note as 7" singles during the 60's for consumption by the singles crowd. Tracks include "Camp Meetin'" by Don Wilkerson, "Blue Bossa" by Joe Henderson, "Fungii Mama" by Blue Mitchell, "I Know" by Freddie Roach, "Bucket" by Jimmy Smith, "Spanish Harlem" by Bobbi Humphrey, and lots lots more! The CD's got a great set of notes on the 45 years for Blue Note, and the music grooves nicely, and sounds like you've found a great little jukebox stuffed away in a remote tavern on the south side! (Dusty Groove)

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