Thursday, November 08, 2007

Oslo Soul Experience 5th Radio Show

Oslo Soul Experience have been in touch to say:

This show was recorded Sunday after a fantastic 4 years anniversary weekender so we we're lucky to have some guests; Matt Weingarden, Chak and Sami. Enjoy over two hours of soul and funk here:

Tommy: -

Phyllis Dyllon "Make me yours" -
Frank Butler "The love I need" -
Skip Mconey and Casuals "A town called no-where"

Gøran: -

Celeste Hardie - You're Gone -
Bobby Hebb - Evil Woman -
Mazacote - Francisco Kid -
Mixed Emotions - Am I Imposing -
GQ - Make My Dreams A Reality

Soul- Sami (club soul sides, helsinki finland)

ice band - live people (walking tall) -
frank alston - it must be love this time (cakras) -
family of eve - i wanna be loved by you (jeree eve) -
elaine and elleen - fill me up (lance)

The Fabulous Mr.C

The Legionnaires 'Monsoon Mud' Kama Sutra -
Quincy Jones "Hot Sake" Mercury -
Debara Johnson "To Get Love You've Got To Bring Love" Kent -
Bobby Bland "Honey Child" Duke -
Sheila Wilkerson "Baby Your A Jive Cat" RFT -
Hector Rivera & Latin Renaissance "Hecto-Mania"
4points -Joyce Harris "Baby, Baby, Baby" FUN -
Basic Sounds Of Pittsburgh "Down Beat" Baso -
Pam Kellum "What You See You Can't Get" A&B -
The Prophet and his Deciples "You fool, You fool" Pressco -
The Fabulettes "Muddy Waters" Access -
Accetate (Bob Ross Music Service)

Matt "Mr Fine Wine" Winegarden -

Johnnie Mae Matthews, "My Destination" (Northern) -
Francis Burr, "I Say No, No More" (Salem) -
Detroit Emeralds, "Things Are Looking Up" (Westbound) -
Main Attraction, "What Do I Wish For" (Cindy) -
Jesse Fisher, "You're Not Loving a Beginner" (Way Out) -
Mickey & Ernie, "Baby I'm in Love" (Hot Line Music Journal) -
Dorothie Berrie, "A Woman Needs a Good Man" (USA) -
Little Dondi, "I Forgot to Get Myself Together" (Raines) -
Webb People, "I'm Sending Vibrations" (TCB) -
Fabulous Performers, "Think About It" (Blackjack)

Soul- Sami

cheryl johnson - it's not too late (bug singers) -
almeta latimor - tobacco road (de-vel) -
dynamic corvettes - keep of the grass (ru-jac) -
urban crisis - sugar man (glades) -
pc's ltd - fast man booty man (fran)

The Fabulous Mr.C: -

Johnny Harris "Stepping Stones" WB (UK) -
The Apollos "Soul Funk-Tion" Jamal -
Bill Brown "Bip Bam Part-2" Brownstone -
Blue Rhythm Combo "Black Water Gold" Merry Disc (Barbados) -
Everyday People "World Full Of People" Brownstone

Tommy: -

Dewey Terry – Do on my feet -
Little Hank – Try to understand

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  1. Anonymous4:29 PM

    joyce harris" baby baby baby "on e-boes label fun n.o. great r&b singer also was with domino label with" no way out" www.colorradio .com has discography of song and labels.