Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Routine Funk #02

Just found out that P-Vine have issued the above. Here's what Dusty Groove has to say:

Massive funk from the P-Vine catalog -- a host of killer cuts that were mostly recorded for a variety of small indie labels in the 70s -- brought together beautifully by compiler Kei Kobayashi! The tracks here represent some of the best reissue moments of the past few years from P-Vine -- the key tunes from Japanese-only CDs that usually hit the market at upwards of $20 -- all packaged together here in one all-grooving set, all the way through! CD offers up all numbers unmixed -- and the set features 16 titles that include "I Learned My Lesson" by Vernon Garrett, "LA Will Make You Pay" by Burton Inc, "Soulful Proclamation" by Messengers Incorporated, "Drums For Daryl" by Roy Porter, "Tragic Magic" by Nathan Davis, "Trippin" by Cal Green, "Head Start" by Joe Pass, "Soul Sisters" by Weldon Irvine, "Out On The Coast" by Larry Willis, and "Crown Royale" by Billy Wooten.

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