Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sorenson Soul Work

I continue to increase my friends on MySpace. Just come across the Sorenson Soul Work. The band consist of //Drums- Adam Sorensen/Hammond-Steve Brown/Saxophone-Brian Molley/Guitar-Allan Mckeown//.
This is the blurb on the band:
The Sorensen Soul Work-out got together to create funk, soul and jazz in the dynamic style of the classic organ combos of the 60s/70s, the band formed in Scotland in 05 when New York drummer Adam Sorensen met guitar player Allan Mckeown when gigging in Scotlands 1st city of funk, Glasgow. Next they contacted Manchester organist/pianist Steve Brown and organized a short tour for Jan 06 which also included tenor saxophonist Brian(the Guac) Molley. The SSW has completed 5 U.K. tours since, and has performed in the Glasgow Jazz Festival. Now with an album deal from Buff international records, the SSW will be releasing it's debut record in summer 2007. The bands purpose is spread love through deep, funky sounds.

Go and check the band out.

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