Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pieces Of Peace Scarab/Cali Tex

There have been some tasty releases this year and here is another one from Scarab/Cali Tex.

Here's Dusty Groove's take on the CD:

A lost treasure of rare soul from the Chicago scene -- the unreleased album by Pieces Of Peace -- a combo with ties both to the late 60s soul of Twinight Records and the early 70s grooves of The Pharoahs! This set was initially recorded by The Pharoahs' Scarab label, but never issued at the time -- and it shows a tremendous growth from the earlier hard funk styles of the Pieces -- a move into fuller, more complicated modes that often had the same righteous blend of jazz, soul, and spirituality as Earth Wind & Fire! The production here is great, and the tapes haven't suffered at all for all their years on the shelf -- and if anything, the album's even more explosive now than if it was issued at the time -- given how long we've had to wait. The reissue is beautiful too -- probably better done than any original wax might have been -- thanks to careful curation from Josh (DJ Shadow) Davis, Dante Carfagna, and Rob Sevier -- the latter of whom turns in some Numero-styled notes that really tell the full story of the group. Titles include "Cease Fire", "Pollution", "Flunky For Your Love", "I Still Care", "Peace & Blessings", and "Yesterday's Visions". (Limited edition of 2500 copies!)

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