Thursday, November 22, 2007

DJ Honky in Sweden

I must admit I am always fascinated by playlists and have collected them since I was young because they have stimulated my interest in music. Regular readers may have noticed I have posted quite a few in recent months and here's another great set of tunes which DJ Honky played on his recent Swedish trip:-

Gustav's night @ Volym Friday, 16 November DJ Honky's set

The Pro-Fascination – Try love again (MOT)
Power of Attorney – Changing man (Brotherhood)
Steel City Connection – Dansation (Jeree)
Lil Major Williams – Girl (you’re so sweet, you’re so fine) (Williams III)
Waymond Hall – What will tomorrow bring (Jamal)
Walter Washington – Mary Jane (Power)
Gay Poppa – Mercy baby (Custom Sound)
Bob Meyer – I only get that feeling (Blue Soul)
Tony Northern – Hand down the law (Ariel)
Al Hughes – Take it or leave it (Scope)
Kavetts – I’ve got a story to tell you (Lendre)
The Cairos – Stop overlooking me (Shrine) Ted Wilson – I can’t take no more (Sierra)
Little Beaver & the F. W. Rocketeers – Do it to me one more time (Saadia)
Ray Pollard – This time (I’m gonna be true) (Shrine)
Diane Lewis – Without your love (Wand)
Iris Bell with the Jive-Ettes – Honky games (High Class)

Club Function Saturday, 17 November Crossover / 70s soul set

Oaxaca – Stop your crying (Mariposa)
Alfred O – Do what you wanna do (Mo Do)
Chuck Cockerham – Have I got a right (Mala)
Willie Wright – Right on for the darkness (Hotel)
Stovall Brothers – Headed your way (side one) (Three S)
Nobody’s Children – Shardarp (Toeholt)
Lisa Warrington – I like the way you do it (Sound Modification)
The C.O.D.’s – Everybody's doing it (Kellmac)
Mellow Madness – Save the youth (Mega Sound Studios)
Margaret Hall – Main man (Aaron)

60s soul set

Master Keys – You can’t turn me around (Coop)
Little Nicky Soul – I wanted to tell you (Shee)
Mr. Percolator – I can’t get enough (Wax-Wel)
The New Wanderers – Let me render my service (Ready)
Pete & Repeat – But I still do (Bethlehem)
Eddie Parker – I’m gone (Awake)
The Idols – Check her out (U.S.A.)
E.J. Rush – Hole in your soul (Cooking)
Tommy Dent – Soul thing (Cobblestone)
Dwight Cliffs & the Waves – Keep my woman home Winter
“Longneck” Fields – Ain’t too proud to beg
The Executive Four with Jesse Powell Orchestra – I gotta good thing going and I ain’t gonna blow it (Lu-Mar)

Funk set

The Royal Revue featuring the Fascinators – Crazy about my baby (Garu)
Mr. Gee and the Fifth Generation – We got a funky feeling (part 1) (C.A.M. Association)
Tommy Dent – Hair (Rapda)
Rickey Andrews and the Chances Are Band – Chances are your dance is mine (Mars La Tour) Innersouls – Little Jack Horner (Cherry)
Fox and the Ghetto Band – Dance to the beat (Pamela)
The Soul Authority Unlimited – Get up off it baby (BET it’s a hit)
Eddie Jackson – Memories of a dream (Brewtown)
The Undertakers – I fell in love (for the very first time) (black watch)
Tommy Dent – Hair (Rapda),

Some top stuff there!!!!!

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