Thursday, November 22, 2007

Paolo "Apollo" Negri A Bigger Tomorrow

I have been meaning to mention this CD fro ages - go over to Paolo's MySpace to hear tracks and get more info on the man.

Here's the blurb on his latest enterprise:

During the production of "Applecore" EP, an idea for an allstar album began to take shape. "A Bigger Tomorrow" is a 15 track album of epic proportions. If features guest appearances on every song from Hammondbeat bands Leslie Overdrive, Nick Rossi Set, Phat Fred, and The Link Quartet, as well as from other top funk and groove bands such as The New Mastersounds, Stoned Soul Picnic, Big Boss Man, Speaklow, Diplomats of Solid Sound, Montefiori Cocktail, Gene Drayton Unit, The Five Aces, and many more. Paolo also performs live and in the studio with Phat Fred and Leslie Overdrive, and after two years off, The Link Quartet will hit the road in the autumn of 2007 previewing their new material for a 2008 album.

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