Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mike Charlton On Soul Discovery

This week I received the message below concerning the above show from Mick:
The Soul Discovery show from 18.11.07 will not be archived due to technical difficulties that occurred on the day. We apologise to Mike Charlton who took time and trouble to come down to Cambridge and to all you listeners who were looking forward to the podcast.So sorry
However Mick did send me the playlist which gives an indication of what we have lost!
Play-list from 18.11.07
L.J.Reynolds “Through the storm”
Father’s Children “We got love”
Patrick Harris “Missin’ your love”
Al Lindsey “Call me”
Oak III “I Can't Say No”
Mel Waiters “How can I get next to you”Lil
Jimmie “Hold on”
Special Guest Mike Charlton (Soul Essence)
Butch Williams 'Keep On loving Me The Way You Do' Williams
Ricky Fante 'I Let You Go' Virgin
Lavelle White About The Facts Of Life' Antones
Lee 'Shot' Williams 'It Ain't Me'
Phase Four 'It Takes More Than A Moment'
The Paragons 'Con Me'
Sam Dees 'Fool Of The Year' Shotgun
The Village Choir 'All Purpose Love' SCM Ringer
Richard 'Popcorn' Wylie - 'How Did I Lose You' ABC
Lorraine Johnson My Sweet Baby' Prelude
Truth 'Thank You Girl For Hanging On' Philly Groove
Crosswind 'Fire (It's Getting Hot) Harbor City
Dennis Edwards 'When The Lights Come Down On Love'
The Carstairs 'Girl Have Pity' Red Coach (Unnissued)
Jeff Floyd 'I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love' Wilbe
Michael Rainey 'Wrapped Too Tight (If He Ain't) Rainey
Lee Morris 'Don't Lie' Lee & Company
Lavelle White 'About The Facts Of Life' Antones
Michel''e 'If?' Ruthless
Stacey Wellons 'Feel Me' KHM
Na Allen 'Thanks For Nothing' Atco
David Lenyard 'It's Never Too Late' Flying Eagles
Lee 'Shot' Williams 'It Ain't Me' UA
David Sea 'Do It Right Now' Crown Limited
Len Woods 'I'm In Love' Revue
Madeline & The Monticellos 'Binding Ring Of Gold' De-Vel
Wildflower 'Sugar Baby' Dash
The N.Y. Jets 'We Will Always Be Together' Tamboo
Gene Middleton 'No One To Love Me' Funk Factory
Betty Fikes 'I Can't Lie To My Heart' Southbound
Chocolate Buttermilk Band 'Ain't No Way' CBM
Desire 'I've Never Turn My Back On You' Red Robin
Primbrock Skiggs 'That Was Yesterday' Pizazz
Ronnie Shannon 'Sweet Games Of Love' Black Gold
Chuck Brooks 'I Believe In Love' Malaco
Lloyd Shepard & The New Barons 'Take Me Into Your Heart Instep
Anthony White 'Never Let You Get Away From Me'PIR
Peace Love & Happiness 'It Ain't Nothing But A Love Thang' ABAB
Cathy Davis 'Here I Am In Love Again' Taurus
Jones Brothers 'Stop That Calling' Lee Silver (Unissued)
George Jackson 'Walking The City Streets' Kent
Doris Allen 'Let's Walk Down The Street Together' Soulscape Pre-release
Linda Jones 'Don't Go' Turbo

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