Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cool Jerk Jimmy's Bag/No Use In Crying

Just come across a stomping Hammond instrumental 45 called Jimmy's Bag with a nice sing along track No Use Crying on the the other side from a band called Cooljerk. Here's the bands's blurb:
COOLJERK strode onto the scene in 2003 with a mission: using the power of cracking 60s soul and RnB, make the people shake their ass! and so it was from the Pleasure Unit to the 100 Club, scooter rallies to club dos, faithful congregations heard the word according to Howlin Wolf, Ike and Tina, Junior Walker, Jimmy Smith and other preachers from the Church of Seriously Cool. Feet tapped, heads nodded and yes!.. ass was shook. Mission accomplished, the Soul Salvation Army marched into 2005 with new weapons of mass enjoyment... their own cracking choons. Scribbled onto beer mats by cooljerk's creative department, original tracks were unleashed sharpish @ the Eel Pie Club- 60s mecca for disciples of white Brit soul. Once host to (among others) the Who, Yardbirds and Rolling Stones, the fame academy for high achievers properly jerked to a live recording of ' just wanna say '. More grade A groovers were furiously penned in the Cooljerk classroom and the Feel It! EP was ready for launch . . .

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