Thursday, November 22, 2007

Club Function 8/12/07

I had a message through from my e-mate Sebastian Fonzeus to let me know about his latest mix and news of the last Club Function do and the upcoming one with Ralph Tee on the bill:

Hope everything's alright with you. First of all I'd like to say thanks for mentioning Club Function and my MP3-mixes on your blog. I really appreciate it! :-)I don't know if you've seen/heard my new MP3-mix.
If you're interested you can download it here:
Here is the tracklisting:
Dewey Terry - Do On My Feet (What I Did In The Street) - MUSHROOM
Fantoms - Take Me There - POWER FUNKSION
Lillian Hale - Don't Boom Boom - FRETONE
Bobby Byrd - I'm Lonely - SMASH
Exception - Get Down - VINCENT
Leroy Harris - I'm Gonna Get You - SWAN
Soul Partners - Walk On Judge - HOLIDAY
Tony Morgan And The Mussel Power Band - Why Build A Mountain - BEACON
Ingram - That's All - H&L (LP)
Ray Crumley - All The Way In Love With You - ALARM
Lorraine Johnson - The More I Get, The More I Want - PRELUDE
New World - We're Gonna Make It - POLYDOR
Funky Nassau - Bahama Soul Stew - DRIVE
Sugarhill - Slow Down - WASHINGTON
Johnny Williams - Breaking Point - TWINIGHT
Big Ella - The Queen - RUSH
Ernie & Ed - Indication - JAY BOY
Wilson Brothers - You Took My Future Away - RCA
Carlton Basco - Don't Chain My Soul - FREEDOM
Otis Bush And The Crusaders - Sock 'Em With A Good Foot - CHA CHA
Deltas - Do What Comes Easy - NEW CHICAGO SOUND
Steptones - Let The People Talk - IX CHAINS
Dohnnie - Dancin Is Your Love - POSH
James Knox - Let The Music Move Ya - MASTERPIECE
Raven featuring Jocelyn Brown - So In Love - SILVER CLOUD (12")
Touch - Pick And Shovel - LECASVER
Dennis Lee & Notables - Sunday Afternoon - JENMARK
Here is a photo of the records I used in the mix:
We had a great night at Club Function this past Saturday with over 520 punters (!!!) through the doors and DJ Honky and Lynne from New York rocking the main dancefloor with hard 60s/70s soul/funk while DJ SoulSwede (from Solar Radio) took care of the small dancefloor and played superb current modern soul releases. It was a blast! :-)
For more info, photos etc. check out:

I downloaded the mix this AM and had a very enjoyable blast while working!! Get over and give it a listen.

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