Saturday, April 12, 2008

Daybreakk Life, Love & Money

Daybreakk Life, Love & Money Snippets
I mentioned this fine CD from Daybreakk on this last post about Steve's Soul Sounds. Take a listen to the snippets above.
Here is a bit more about the group:

The first artist signed to Soul 1st Records is Daybreakk!. The group Daybreakk!, with its roots in Gadsden, AL previously known as one of the best party and cover bands in the South, has stepped up its music game with the release of their first CD, entitled, "Life, Love & Money" on Soul 1st Records.

"Life Love and Money are the things everyone must deal with on one level or another," Hall said from his home in Gadsden, AL. "They all go hand in hand." Life or love can be great without money, but having all three is what most of us strive for" Hall said. "The songs on this record deal with all three in a way that most people can relate to."

The CD is a combination of Southern Soul/Blues and R&B. One of the CD's lead singles is "Drop It!," which blends Southern Soul with a touch of old school funk that will get people dancing every time according to Hall. "It's a great summer/fall party song," Hall said. Daybreakk!'s other lead single is a smooth, but powerful soul ballad, called "On & On". "On and On" is one of those songs the ladies love because it's about a man romantically taking care of his lady."

The five members of Daybreakk! are Austin Hall, Sam Hall, Earl Ford, Barry Byers, and Arthur Owens. Austin Hall is the songwriter, arranger and producer, who plays lead and rhythm guitar on every track. Sam Hall is the leader of the group and plays drums. Sam and Austin, brothers are also the founders of the group from Gadsden. The strength and uniqueness of the group is the three other members who are all lead singers. Barry Byers, of Gadsden sings lead on the ballad, Broken Heart, and the Motown reminiscent, "I Love You." Earl Ford, also of Gadsden, handles the lead on "Drop It!", "Candy" and "Money". Ford's style reminds listeners of the great funk band singers in Lakeside, Ohio Players and Cameo. The third lead singer is Arthur Owens, a native of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Owens brings raw emotion and strength to the hit "On and On", "Cryin", and "Be With You".

You can read a short interview with the group on Soul Treasures.

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