Friday, April 11, 2008


The above uses a scene from the ultra independent feature film “No Problema”
Tai of Vicelounge has become one of my friends over on Soul Commune - he dropped me one of the sounds from their forthcoming album:

Vicelounge Deep Inside

You can download the EP here:

Vicelounge consist of:

Jonn Nubian

jonn nubian - dj, producer, keyboardist, founder


tai (grfx) - sampler, producer, vocalist, writer, co-founder

Craig Knight

craig knight - vocalist, geetar, writer

grierson - sampler, writer, vocalist

nyaze - vocalist, geetar, writer, producer

with harvey moore + demax + qool dj marv + dj junior

guest starring the lovely vice vixens:

shae fiol, isis, tamara wellons and, the original, dee ferguson

Here is their blurb from Mobile Underground:

Once labels used to hit us with the cassette tape, and often in this fashion: midtempo banger ("Deep Inside"); fast tune for the clubs ("Cause Of Love") and then slow jam ("Never Fall Away") to "sleep" to. RBM and Vicelounge are bringing it back, futuristic soul music.

The maxi-single features the production and vocals of Craig Knight, Dee Ferguson and our favorite producer Joaquin. All under the craziness and guidance of the Vicelounge: Jonn Nubian + Tai.

Vicelounge: the soundtrack for stylish and dangerous lifestyle.

"Drum stabs, merge into dissonant echoes of wandering chants portraying the true darkness of an urban landscape. Vicelounge once again captures what real soul heads seek, a true melting pot of emotions where we can dream freely."
-- Mike Adasko (Mike Steady on "Cause Of Love")

"Zero7 meets MF Doom"
-- Mr. Len (Company Flow, Smacks Records)

"Thanks for the tunes my friend - I am digging them right now - perfect for today with my window open and a little breeze."
--Toshi Reagon (indie rocker, righteous babe)

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