Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hip City Soul Club 17th Anniversary

Check out the MySpace

Sly, Slick & Wicked

One of my favourite Cleveland groups are Sly, Slick and Wicked. I have only just been pointed in the direction of a very interesting article based on an interview with John Wilson called Memories Of The Chitlin' Circuit in the Free Press.

For further info on the group - check out these links:

Sly, Slick & Wicked 1

Sly Slick & Wicked 2

The guys also have a MySpace where you can catch some video of them.

There is also an article in Soulful Kinda Music 43 which is worth trying to pick up

The Super Summer Soul Jam 8/6/07

Soul Inn 2/6/07 Lido, Berlin

Next Soul Inn this Saturday (02.06.2007) at Lido, Berlin Kreuzberg! Special Guest this time: Marc Forrest (Hip City Soul Club)

Rock 'N Roll Soul The albany June 2nd

ROCK'N'ROLLSOUL returns to the Albany, Great Portland Street, London, on Saturday June 2 for another five-and-a-half hours of soul that rocks and rock with soul.

Unsure what that entails? Well, last month it was the gutsy riffage of Wilson Pickett's 'Miniskirt Minnie' and Billy Harner's 'Homicidal Dresser' that first got the crowd moving, softening them up for the raw psych-funk of 'Pork Chops' by the Jon Lee Group, and stomping dancefloor classics like Georgie Fame's 'Somebody Stole My Thunder' and Don Farndon's 'Im Alive'.

All served with a healthy side order of imported beers in one of London's favourite basement venues.

Saturday June 2, 8.30pm-2am, £3 (before 9.30pm), then £5 (£4 w/flyer or badge).

Directions, details, plus cool one-hour podcasts at http://www.rocknrollsoul.co.uk/

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Poets Of Rhythm & Heavy In Bristol 15/6/07

Mr Soul Satisfaction & Soul Deep Radio

Mr Soul Satisfaction has broad tastes like myself and his Soul Deep radio reflects his tastes.

Check out his download dedicated to current independent 45s doing the business!Here's the tracklisting:
Menahan Street Band Make The Road By Walking Dunham
Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators Feeling Free Timmion
Victor Green The Ghetto Re-Joint
Bronx River Pkwy La Valla Truth & Soul
Eddie Spencer If This Is Love (I'd Rather Be Lonely) Light In The Attic
Sharon Jones How Long Do I Have To Wait Daptone
Sharon Jones You Better Think Twice Desco
The Budos Band Ghost Walk Daptone
Marva Whitney (with Osaka Monaurail) I Am What I Am Monaurail & Empowerment
El Michaels Affair C.R.E.A.M Truth & Soul Lee Fields Stand Up Daptone
Black Bishop Hard Times (Extra Info) S.O.D.
Funky Music Machine Gotta Clean Up The World BTR
Capri Boogie Man Capri Music
The Magnificent Freedom F*ck Off And Leave Me Alone Our Label Records
Nick Rossi Set Spooky (Pt 1) Flare
Detroit Sex Machines The Funky Crawl Soul Track

DJ Shadow This Time (I'm Gonna Try It My Way) Universal Island

La Familia Inc Do You Love Me? BSR

La Familia Inc Do You Love Me? BSR

This 45 is being featured in my on-going A To Z of my collection. This side has been in my collection since 1979 when I exchanged some Northern Soul with Johnny Manship for modern 45s.

It definitely takes a few plays to sink in but I think that it has potential and has had a few plays at various venues but deserves a big push!!!

I don't know anymore about the 45 other than what is on the label.

Sammy Campbell aka Tyrone Ashley Truth & Soul CD

Last year, Truth & Soul Records announced on their blog that they were going to release a bunch of unissued Sammy Campbell aka Tyrone Ashley sides. Since then we had be satisfied with a 45 on BTR Gotta Clean Up The World/Let Me Be Your Man. Now Sammy has announced on his MySpace that the album will be out on 25/6/07 - cannot wait - check out 4 tracks on his MySpace

Sammy and the rest of the former Del Larks also provided back up vocals on the next Lee Field with The Expressions project called The Many Moods Of which should also be out soon according to Truth & Soul.

Sammy with Laura Lee New Jersey 2006

UK R&B Scene

I came across a website dedicated to the memory of Carlo Little which is a fascinating insight into the UK R&B scene in the early 60's.

Carlo was an influential drummer who played in skiffle groups and The Savages before progressing to the burgeoning R&B scene playing in Cyril Davies All Stars. Check it out!

Dave Godin & Colin Curtis August 1975

A few posts back, I said that would be looking at people who had influenced my collecting and I started with the post Dr Wilks & Singapore Soul.

This time around I thought we would go back to August 1975 and a warm day in a Brighton Record shop when I bought the latest copy of Blues & Soul which was then one of the leading sources of information for soul fans in the UK. At this time, I was a student in Brighton on a restricted budget for spending on 45s!

Dave Godin was already a big influence on my collecting by August of '75 through his writings for Blues & Soul and Black Music. He had returned to writing for Blues & Soul earlier that year after a stint at Black Music and his column was usually split into various sections - commentary on soul music, Significant Sides, Five Years Ago and Run Out Groove.

In Issue 167, Dave invited in Colin Curtis to share his music with the readers of B&S and his thoughts on the scene at that time. Colin was then a leading DJ on the UK Northern Soul scene who had a weekly residency at the Blackpool Mecca with Ian Levine. Colin and Ian Levine were then embarking on a major cultural shift in the music played on the Northern scene with the introduction of new or recent releases which had a more modern beat or slower pace to the traditional Northern on the floor stompers.

I had already embraced this cultural change and was eager to hear or read about these new sounds especially because I was not able to travel up to Blackpool on a regular basis because of funds and distance.

Dave Godin reviewed 8 45s in that issue of Blues & Soul and talked with Colin about the cultural changes taking place on the Northern scene and illustrated it with these 8 sides.

Here is a list of the sides:

Lou Edwards & Today's People Talkin' About Poor Folks Columbia
The MVP's Turnin' My Heartbeat Up Buddah
Main Squeeze Let It All Come Roulette
Segments Of Time Memories Sussex
Joshie Jo Armstead I Got The Vibes Gospel Truth
Patsy Gallant Get That Ball UK CBS
Jesse Fisher You're Not Loving A Beginner Way Out
Kenny Smith Lord, What's Happening To Your People GAR

If you look back not all became big sounds - The MVP's went into history as the song played over the opening credits of the famous Granada TV programme about Wigan Casino; Lou Edwards and Kenny Smith were also massive 45s on the scene at the time though I would say that Kenny Smith has had the strongest longevity on the dancefloor. As for the others - Main Squeeze has a very tricky beat and I cannot recall hearing it in a club; Segments of Time was probably not rare enough; Joshie Jo Armstead is a cracker but was also quite common and as for Patsy Gallant she was a white Canadian pop singer and in the hallowed company of the other 7 sides sounds like one!

That leaves us with Jesse Fisher and his classic Cleveland recording which was my favourite. However, it simply wasn't rare enough to be big which is a pity because it is a good sound and the one I have chosen to feature below.
Jesse Fisher You're Not Loving A Beginner
After reading the article, I decided that I would get all the sounds mentioned as soon as possible! I had picked them all up by late 76 from a variety of sources - at the time the most expensive were MVPs, Lou Edwards and Kenny Smith. Originally, I had a multi-coloured copy of Jesse Fisher but later got the 1st issue as above.

Jesse Fisher is now a cult artist mainly because of his Sojamm 45 Honey - a lovely mid-tempo side and the colossal deep side I Can't Stop Loving You plus he has the funk classic on Way Out - Mr Super Nobody. There is some good stuff on the Net about Cleveland soul including bits on Jesse and the Way Out label
Have a look here:
Lou Ragland Remembers 1

Lou Ragland Remembers 2

Bill Spoon

Colin Curtis and Dave Godin continued after 1975 to influence my collecting but I can never forget the excitement of reading about the above sides and beginning the quest to get them!

Ann Hines at Stax Museum 28/6/07

With Ann at Orpheum Theatre, Memphis 2003

I've had a message through from Soulsville USA:

Check out Queen Ann Hines at the Stax Museum of American Soul Music on Monday, May 28 at 7:00 p.m.$20 General Admission $5 for Stax Museum members. Free food cash bar killer soul sounds all evening long

More information can be found by clicking here or calling 901 946 2535.

Tell yo' friends.


I have met Ann several times and seen her perform - wish I could be there!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Flea Market Funk Mix

I recently been checking out DJ Prestige's blog Flea Market Funk

Here is one of his recent mixes:

El Michels Affair - Easy Action/ Soul Fire
Richard Evans - Patutu/ Atlantic
Quincy Jones - Hikky Burr/ A & M
Everyday People - Nova Scotia Home Blues/ Paramount
Eugene Blacknell & the New Breed - Getting Down/ Luv N’ Haight
Johnny Hammond - Breakout/ Kudu
Fatback Band - Gotta Have You/ Perception
East Harlem Bus Stop - Get On Down/ D&M Sound
Rhinoceros - Insanity/ Elektra
Herbie Mann - Memphis Underground/ Atlantic
Hank Crawford - Funky Rooster/ Kudu
Otis Redding - Groovin’ Time/ AtcoDavid T. Walker - Superstition / Ode Records
Jimmy McGriff - Fat Cakes/ Capitol
Black Heat - Chip’s Funk/ Atlantic
Creative Source - Magic Carpet Ride/ Sussex
Port Authority Soul Band - Scoobe/ United States Navy Records
Les McCann - El Soul-O/ Pacific Jazz

Drop over and have a listen!

Memphis Juke Joints

I recently came across a very interesting site called Backroads of American Music.

The site is dedicated to Memphis Juke Joints some I knew and some which were new to me. The site has insightful commentary by Preston Lauterbach( who runs the new Memphis Sound blog) and excellent photos from Justin Burks.

I will certainly be looking up some of Preston's tips on my next visit to Memphis

Super Cool California Soul 2

Ubiquity come up with another killer compilation of California Soul!

Here's their press blurb:

"A golden state's worth of funky soul from the 60s and 70s - pulled together in a collection that's arguably even better than the first volume in the series! The tracks here are all incredibly solid - tunes that aren't just great because they're rare, but because they perfectly illustrate the hard-hitting groove going on in the California underground..."
- Dusty Groove America
"What makes Super Cool California Soul 2 so compelling is not the obscurity of these tracks but the organic cohesiveness that holds them together."
- Exclaim! Canada
“The then-sound of a regional underground, and a soundtrack for subcultures that birthed our leaders of today.”- East Bay Express
Super Cool features music recorded between 1966 and 1982 and spans eclectic genres from soul jazz, blues, heavy funk, modern soul, Northern soul, disco and even includes a ballad (previously unavailable on CD) from Luv N'Haight fave . These are tracks from artists who were the sound of the underground, session musicians, players, and characters that kept the scenes from San Francisco to Los Angeles and beyond alive. Artists featured have played with everyone from Fela Kuti to George Clinton and were members of acts like Funkadelic, War, and Sam Cooke's band.
Some old faves from my collection there - Sy Hightower, Cal Green and Johnny Morrisette as well as some new ones to me - another essential set!

Tobias Kirmayer: This Is My Thing

Just had a reminder from Tobias that the above CD is out on 28th May.

Here are details:

TRAMP RECORDS proudly presentsthe first freestyle compilation on Tramp!V./A. - THIS IS MY THING - deepfunk/hiphop/nu-jazz-breaks/afrobeat compiled by Tobias Kirmayer (Tramp/Perfect Toy Rec., Munich)


1. Intro
2. The Nitesounds - Get clean
3. Skin Williams & his Dominoes - Skins funk
4. The Blenders - Nothin' but a party (edit)
5. The Boogoos - Bubbles (edit)
6. The Hi-fly Orchestra - Violet
7. Dr. Sonnenschein - Get high
8. Dusty feat. Carla Vallet - Rhythmo
9. Caldonia - Barbados stew
10. Saegaflex & Rudy Tee - First time around
11. Baccarola - Trip to afrika
12. Outro (cd bonus track)

The Sound Stylistics

I have been grooving along to this over the last fortnight since it dropped through the door.

Let the Freestyle guys tell you about it:

Recorded in 2002 as a Bruton library album, The Sound Stylistics “Deep Funk” album has weaved its way into funk folklore for collectors the world over, becoming a word of mouth phenomena and a collectors wet-dream due to its failure to ever get a proper release.

Despite file-sharers, bootleggers and back-street dealers pushing illegitimate copies of the tracks, the legendary status of this lost album has not waned one bit. Performed by some of the best musicians on the planet, and a veritable who’s who on the London funk scene, the list is simply too amazing not to acknowledge fully here: James Taylor (JTQ), Jim Watson (Incognito), Mark Van der Gucht (Galliano], Eddie Roberts (New Mastersounds), Neil Robinson (JTQ), Simon Lee (Dr. Seuss), Andy Ross (The Herbaliser), Mike Smith (Jamiroquai), Nichol Thompson (Brand New Heavies), and Snowboy. Collectively they make up The Sound Stylistics, a virtual group and jam band of the highest order.

17 glorious tracks - ESSENTIAL!!!!

Capitol City Soul

Dennis Brennan has been selling soul 45s Stateside for a number of years and has now issued a wonderful CD of vintage soul from the Harrisburg area.

Here are the CD notes:

With the emergence of The “Motown” sound in the early sixties, thousands of wanna be soul groups emerged across the U.S. Not to be left out, Central Pennsylvania also gave birth to many of these bands and groups who wanted to emulate the new Detroit sound.Although many of these bands never made a recording that was released, many were equally as good as those who had recorded such as the El Dantes, and the Thundering Centuries!

Not mentioned in this CD are many outstanding soul bands, The Emperor’s, The Magnificent Men, The Ambassadors, The Endells, The Exciting Invictas and The Mastermen, whom all made records in the sixties and seventies, were all from the area.

Most of these bands flocked to larger metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia and New York to record their songs with the likes of the legendary Frank Virtue Studios in Philly!

Because of our friends the British, most of these recordings have become collector’s items, falling into the category of “Northern Soul”. Central Pennsylvania had it’s own studio also in the Mechanicsburg area, know as Baldwin Studios, where many local bands have recorded their tunes. Most of the groups frequented local fire halls, VFW’s, American Legions and high school dances and Hershey’s Starlight Ballroom to hone their skills and of course to make a few dollars which many times ended up paying for stage clothes and equipment. In the mid sixties the “Raven” emerged as the premier location for this type of entertainment. Located in the farmland outside of Harrisburg, surrounded by cow pastures, this dance hall became the foremost place for entertainment as well as showcasing each group’s talents from the area! The weekly entertainment always consisted of a headline act such as the Impressions, The O' Jays, Vibrations or The Temptations with a local group always opening the shows. Due to the success of the Raven, many copycat clubs opening in the area and all had brief success – The Sunny Club, The Barn and many more.

The CD…23 titles and 12 different artists…
Rarest of the rare – The Tranells … “Blessed with a love” on the top of the list for northern soul collectors.
The Soul Exotics……. nearly as rare as the Tranells … “Baby it’s true” and “Darlin”.
Equally rare … Peter & The Wolfs “Monkey Time”
Very collectable “Del-Chontays” …. “Baby I love you” on the Steeltown label.
The Shan-dells ….. Harrisburg rock/soul band with the very collectable “I’ve got to love her” on the local Bridge Society label.
Harrisburg’s own Del-Cords… "A little misunderstanding” (a cover of The Contours on Gordy) and “Won’t you let me know”.
York’s Soul Clinic … “No one loves me anymore” and “So sharp” on Baltimore's Bay Sound imprint.
Emperor’s Soul ’69 …. The very collectable “Sad girl” and “Bring out yourself”.
Middletown’s Intentions ……. “Don’t forget that I love you” on the Philips label along with 2 featured un-issued tracks from Virtue studios, “Honest I do” and “It’s got to be love".
The Soulsations with Twila Howard …. “Here comes the pain” on the Ste-Al label.
The Soulville All-Stars, a favorite of the Brits….. “Nobody to blame”, “Won’t you please be my girl”, "Nothing in this world matters” and “I’m gonna get to you”.
And Lancaster’s Georgie Wilson ….. “Here stands the man who needs you” and "Everything will be fine” and a special addition, the unreleased G.L.& Vesters - "If she’s your girl”.

Although my friends in the Harrisburg area may be asking themselves why didn’t you include this song or that song into this CD, my intention was to create a group of recordings that were the favorites of Northern Soul collectors and my Central Pa. friends. If all goes well, Volume 2 will be forthcoming.

A special note….. This labor of love is dedicated to the late Georgie Wilson, who has recently passed away.

This CD has been a lot of work (3 years) but very rewarding. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have producing it, with the help of many friends and associates along the way.

You can buy the CD direct from Dennis Brennan - please support him - the George Wilson tracks alone are worth the monies!!!!

Monumental Soul Tonight!

Quick shout for this tonight!!!

Twinight's Lunar Rotation: Numero CD

Previously, P-Vine and Kent records have put together compilations of material from Syl Johnson's Twinight label but Numero have now issued a 2 CD set which is the most thorough compilation to date for their Eccentric Soul series.

As ever with Numero, we get a quality package of sound quality, vintage photos and detailed liner notes based on interviews with some of the artists featured on the CDs. The CDs are a welcome addition to the Numero catalogue and word from Rob Sevier over at Numero is to expect more box sets in the future.
Here is a full track listing:

1. The Devastator - Stormy
2. Mama - Annette Poindexter
3. Package Of Love Part I - Dynamic Tints
4. Main Squeeze - Nate Evans
5. Satisfied - Krystal Generation
6. Yes, My Goodness Yes - Velma Perkins
7. Not Too Cool To Cry - Renaldo Domino
8. Temptation Is Hard To Fight - George McGregor
9. So Good To Have You Home Again - Mystiques
10. Soul Strokes - Sidney Pinchback
11. Pass It On Part I - Pieces Of Peace
12. Be My Lady - Dynamic Tints
13. Let Me Come Within - Renaldo Domino
14. Which One Am I - Perfections
15. Can You Find Me Love - Harrison
16. Is It Worth A Chance - Josephine Taylor
17. Lonely People - Notations
18. To Love Someone (That Don't Love You) - Kaldirons
19. My Sunshine Girl - Radiants
20. Powerful Love - Chuck
21. A New Day - Notations
22. Rosemarie - Dynamic Tints
23. You And Me Baby - Kaldirons
24. Lift This Hurt - Elvin Spencer
25. Why Do You Want To Make Me Sad - Perfections
26. Put Out The Fire - Mystiques
27. Breaking Point - Johnny Williams
28. Life Walked Out - Mist
29. Nevermore - Renaldo Domino
30. Pardon My Innocent Heart - Nate Evans
31. Remind Me - Schiller Street Gang
32. Is It Meant To Be - Krystal Generation
33. Wayward Dream - Annette Poindexter
34. I'll Always Love You - Velma Perkins
35. Tearing Me Up Inside - Harrison
36. I've Made Up My Mind - Josephine Taylor
37. Goin' Man Huntin - Jo Ann Garrett
38. I Can't Stop - Notations
39. Two Years Four Days - Renaldo Domino
40. Yesterday's Mistakes - Jimmy Jones

Benny Johnson Visions Of Paradise

Soul Brother Records have an excellent track record in issuing rare soul albums and keep up the tradition with Benny Johnson's hard to find classic.

Here is what Dusty Groove think of the album:
A sublime bit of indie soul from the early 70s -- the one and only album by vocalist Benny Johnson, recorded with some totally great backings from funk legend Julius Brockington and his United Chair combo! For the session, Brockington chose a warm, organ-drenched sound that's a fair bit like some of the best work coming out of Hi Records at the same time -- although without as much of a southern soul approach overall. Johnson's vocals have a beautifully crackling sort of quality -- one that's honest and human, but still smooth enough to fit the mode of the music here -- a bit like Al Green, but a little more east coast overall. The set's got some excellent mellow soul numbers that are worth the price of admission alone -- tracks that slide out beautifully with a really gentle sound, and bubble up with a tremendous amount of soul. But there's also some fuller, more upbeat tunes too -- groovers that have made the album a favorite overseas for years! Titles include "Visions Of Paradise", "Stop Me", "Give It Up", "Second To None", "Won't You Stay", "It's Yours Baby", "Please Come Back", and "I Just Got To Know".

I cannot argue with the above and have been hammering "Absolutely, Positively Baby" - one of the best albums of the early 70's.

Oslo Soul Experience

Oslo Soul Experience is back with some sounds to enjoy. One and a half hour of soul and funk Here: http://oslosoul.com/radio/ose_radio03.mp3
Check out details of their weekly gig on the website - next one:

Golden Age Of Muscle Shoals On Radio

A message from Johnny Wyker

Dear Ya'll !MFV Net RADIO is featuring THE BIG HITS from The GOLDEN AGE of MUSCLE SHOALS ! 24/7

Please checkout this GOLDEN AGE of MUSCLE SHOALS Music MEMORIAL Day Weekend Show !

Just go to www.MFVR.com and all the details are there if you need help.

Your friend in Bama-Lama Land !
Mighty Field of Vision Net Radio
MFVRadio & Productionswww.
Mighty Field of Vision
805 Prospect Drive SE
Decatur, AL 35601
Phone 205-533-8829
"Broadcasting the best From Muscle Shoals to the Four Corners of the Globe"

Beat Train & Galactic Fractures

Message from Galactic Fractures:

BeatTrain stops by again to play a quick set for us.

For local Boston people, don't miss his party this friday at the MILKY WAY. Cheap Thrills A Go Go is always a fun time, with djs, gogo dancers and film projections!

I close out this set with a nice set of some slow ballads & b-sides. Download from the website: www.galacticfractures.com

Playlist: PJ Starts...
Eli Paperboy Reed - The Satisfier
Dyke and The Blazers - Let a Woman be a woman (Beat Goes Public)
Gaylen Adams - Love Meets No Stranger (Bullet)
Melissa Manchester - A Song For You (MB Records)

Beattrain takes over... Lalo Schifrin - Enter The Dragon (WB)
Jack McDuff - The Carpetbaggers (Prestige)
Georgie Fame - Beware of the Dog (Epic)
Quincy Jones - Killer Joe (A&M)
Cha Cha Hogan - Grit Gitter (Soulville)
The Packers - Hole In The Wall (Pure Soul Music)
Spittin Image - JBs Latin (comp)
James Clarke - Blow up a go go (comp)
Eddie Mitchell - Spinning Wheel (comp)
Jacqueline Taieb - 7 Heures Du Matin (Fontana (repress))
Wendy & Bonnie - Whats Really Happening (Skye)
Sohall Rana - Soul Sitar (comp)
Walker Bros - Doin The Jerk (smash)
Contours - Can You Do The Jerk (Motown)
Chairman of The Board - Since the Days (Inviticus)
Shorty Long - Here Comes The Judge” LP SINGLE (Soul)
The Landslides - We Don't Need No Music (Huff Puff)
The Precisions - You'll Soon Be Gone (Drew)
Dramatics - Get Up And Get Down (Volt)
Erma Franklin - Hold On I'm Comin (Brunswick)
Alvin Cash - Boston Monkey (Marvelus)
Elephants Memory - Jungle Gym at the Zoo (buddah)
Steve Ellis - Loot (comp)
Brian Auger - Tiger (Earmark)
? and The Mysterians - Do You Feel It (Move)
Os Mutantes - Bat Macumba (comp)
Manny Corchado - Pow Wow (jazzman repress)
Johnny Zamot - Boogaloo Baby (Decca)
Pete Boney - Puerto Rican Soul (comp)
Ricardo Ray - Nitty Gritty (tico)
Johnny Colon - You Gotta Love Me (comp)
Ikettes - Lonely For You (Modern)
PJ closes it out... The Dynamites - Dig Deeper (Outta Sight)
Eli Paperboy Reed - Its Easier
Majestics - Key To Love (New World)
Forest Terry - Satellite Love (Lost In The Forest)
Marilyn Barbarin - Believe Me (Bo Sound)
The Sequins - The Third Degree (Crajon)
Quickest Way out - Hello Stranger (Karen)

Galactic Fractures Radio http://www.galacticfractures.com

106.3 FM From Russia

Message from Chak

Latest 106,3 FM radishow from Russia with our special guest from Norway Latin boogaloo, deepfunk, jazz-funk, soul, modern soul ... whatever all 45s !!!

Part 1 - Chak & Goran (Oslo Soul) :
First 27min I'm broadcasting my dj set recorded at Griboedov Club in 2005.

Part 2 Goran playing live part 2 -

One Take Tapes

Giving One Take Tapes a shout!

One Take Tapes is all about passion, love, soul and style. That means everything between good music, diggin, friends, networking, relationships, love and so on…You know the Game! We are all good guys and trying always to do the best to our friends, to our families and to the world…More will come… stay tuned!

Brand New Rhythm Spring Tour

Bit late on this one!

Springtour 2007:

Thursday, May 24th, Kulturkantine - Bellach/Solothurn

Friday, May 25th, Ziegelei - Einsiedeln Saturday,

May 26th, Kraftwerk - Krummenau Wednesday,

May 30th, Moonwalker - Aarburg Thursday,

May 31st, Break - Affoltern a.A. Friday,

June 1st, Surprise Saturday,

June 2nd, Uni Fäscht - Bern Tuesday,

June 5th, Das Schiff - Basel Thursday,

June 7th, Firehouse - Weinfelden Friday,

June 8th, Glashaus - Reinach Saturday,

June 9th, Krempel - Buchs/SG

More Infos: http://www.brandnewrhythm.com/ powered by: http://www.realfunkpeople.com/

THE BRAND NEW RHYTHM, fourth deepfunk track on 45s. (Ltd. 500 copies - BNR Records) Long-awaited hard played doublesider from the BNR Band. "Mamacita" and "Chew The Fat" are great underground clubtracks from the BNR-Tour in Mexico City 2003. Four years later released BNR Records these great funk tracks on 45's. Full of funky jams, breaks and soul based beats with lots of uptempo party cuts. Heavy drums, crazy funky organ, sharp cuts and raw funk vocals. Listen: http://www.brandnewrhythm.com/BNR54.html

Mighty Hannibal & Black Merda and others Brooklyn

The Dansettes

Mr Fine Wine has let me know of TWO GREAT LIVE SUMMER SHOWS!!!

JULY 13 The Dansettes The Mighty Hannibal and in his first New York appearance in a long, long time YOUNG JESSIE! plus: outdoor BBQ! all-night dance party w/special guest DJs!

AUGUST 25 (tentative) Ultimate Ovation Cody Black Black Merda at the Hook, Red Hook, Brooklyn brought to you by Hook and Boogie Productions

Black Merda

More details when I get them!

Sunday Afternoon Soul Sessions LA

Sunday 27th May sees the return of LA's newest weekly soul event, with resident DJ's Greg Belson and Andy Cobb plus special guests.
Expect selections from gospel to funk, to vintage r&b, to mod........sweet soul, to the deeper edge. Soul music of the highest quality....every Sunday.
This weeks special guest DJ is; Mike Umholtz A co-promoter of arguably California's finest rare soul event to date, the Central Soul Club, Mike joins them with his box of rarities this Sunday for what promises to be a great afternoon of quality soul music.
Music from 4pm til 9pm and entrance is *FREE* - this event is open to all ages.
Venue is; Royal Clayton's
1855 Industrial Street
Los Angeles T;

Bump Shop 2/6/07

Antiblas & Whitefield Bros Aka Poets Of Rhythm Nottingham 14/6/07

All kicking off at 9pm sharp at The Polish Eagle next to the Polish Centre off Sherwood Rise

Thurs 14th JUNE


Pre-tickets are only £10 and very limited. Please buy in advance to guarantee entry from Selectadisc, Funky Monkey, the Polish Eagle and online at http://www.wegottickets.com/event/17488

Here is the publicity blurb:

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York City, Antibalas have become renowned as one of the most astonishing and relentless live acts in the world jazz circuit today. Taking as their base the politically-driven afrobeat of Nigeria's, over four full-length albums they have developed their own hard dancefloor-heavy sound incorporating influences from throughout the 20th century's rich history of raw funk, ethno-, latin- and experimental jazz. Showcasing their relentless new album, we can safely expect to see some jaw-dropping musicianship from this 13-piece.

Many will be familiar with Germany's Poets of Rhythm, having released a mind-bending album of raw funk and psyche-infused tracks on Ninja Tune. But unless you dug deeper into the band's activites, and missed their aptly titled In the Raw LP release on Soul Fire 6 years ago, you may not know of their alter-ego The Whitefield Brothers. With drummer Muggy Whitefield (aka Max Weissenfeldt) and guitarist Jan Whitefield (aka Jan Weissenfeldt) at the core, this is their underground 8-piece raw funk project. After having seemingly disappeared off the circuit, they're back with an album out later this year on Stonesthrow subsidary Now Again. Who knows what this band will pull out of the bag, but there's no doubting that it'll be right on the cutting edge of today's world funk movement. For one, the fantastic percussionist Masaru Nishimoto will be bringing his MPC on the road... make of that what you will..!

We also have Hugo Mendez of the awesome Soundway Records spinning his exclusive tropical funk collection. For those who have seen us DJ round Nottingham in the past two years, a large amount of our Afrofunk sections are comprised of Soundway releases. They haven't put a foot wrong with their entire catalogue so far, each and every release being absolute top-quality unheard 60s and 70s stormers from the subcontinent.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Ronnie McNeir Interview

DJ Funk-O-Nots has informed me that he will be interviewing Ronnie McNeir.

Details are:

May 31th from 01;00PM till 02;00PM (LA time).

Ronnie is busy with recording on his new to be released CD.

Here are some pieces of his new material;


Keep checking his website;


Or his myspace page;


Yeah it's hard working , but with a soulvoice like RONNIE's it's awesome to do. to come in the mood watch this wonderful clip:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =ljh855t1hdk

Lee Moses Time And Place CD

At long last, cult deep soul and funk legend Lee Moses has his entire known recorded solo work reissued in its entirety on a brand new CD and limited edition vinyl.

However, it is sad to think that Lee died before receiving the world-wide recognition which the CD is now providing for his talents as a singer, guitarist and songwriter.

The collection has his hard to find early 70's album 'Time And Place' with amazing versions of 'Hey Joe' and 'California Dreaming' plus all his known solo 45's including 'I'm Sad About It' and 'I Can't Take No Chances'.

Mojo Magazine have called it 'Soul music's Holy Grail' and Record Mirror made it their reissue of the month.

It was released by Castle Music on 21 May 2007 Catalogue No: Vinyl CMFDV1522 CD CMQCD1350.

I worked on this CD project with Simon White who compiled the CD and wrote the CD notes. Unfortunately, Sanctuary Records did not have access to the masters which would appear to be long lost so the album was put together using my vinyl but nonetheless the mastering and sound quality are excellent.

I provide Simon with information for the notes which I had gleaned from various sources including an interview with Lee's sister Donia.

I will in the coming weeks put together a feature on Lee based on the information I have gathered. This will be a continuation of my research into Johnny Brantley productions and who was behind nearly all of Lee's sides.

I must say that I have been involved in many CD releases over the years but this one has given me the greatest satisfaction because I never thought we could get all together!

Message from David Sea

Had a message through from David:


Mod/Soul Nite at Whig 21/7/07

My e-mate Brian Poust is playin gthis gig in July

Soul Explosion 27/5/07

Checkout their Soul Explosion for details of the latest night.

Cotton Comes To Harlem

I was watching the above on satellite TV while eating breakfast this AM. I have seen it plenty times before and I love the street scenes even if it is not one of the best blaxploitation films. The Apollo Theatre is featured in several scenes but I had never noticed that David Ruffin was advertised as performing there in one - where's my time machine!!!

The sound track is very disappointing except for a nice cut by Melba More called "Black Enough" .

Dells Interview In Goldmine

Dells backstage at Trentham Gardens Stoke UK

You can read a new interview with The Dells in Goldmine.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bayou Blues Revival 26/5/07

Sponsored by the Art Works Society through the auspices of the Arnaudville Chamber of Commerce.

Restore your soul on the banks of Bayou Teche and Bayou Fuselier at the Junction of HWY 93 and HWY 31.Prepare yourself for blue notes, barbecue and boogie.The Arnaudville Artworks Society, through the auspices of the Arnaudville Chamber of Commerce, is sponsoring Bayou Blues Revival , a musical event designed to promote and preserve the musical heritage of Louisiana while generating funds needed to create jobs for musicians playing in Arnaudville venues throughout the coming months.

In addition this event will showcase longtime Louisiana and Chicago pianist Henry Gray. Henry Gray was born in 1925 in Kenner, LA. He grew up north of Baton Rouge in Alsen, playing spirituals on harmonica and piano. At age 16, he began playing secular music at a local juke joint.

In 1939 while visiting an aunt in Chicago, he discovered the true force of the blues. After being drafted and serving in the army in WWII, he returned to Louisiana in 1946. Within a week, he was on a journey that would take him back to the Windy City and would ultimately lead him to contribute to the development of Chicago Blues piano and later to the sound of Swamp Blues."If you've listened to blues music in the last half century, you've heard pianist Henry Gray…Gray's influence is immeasurable. His work with Howlin' Wolf and other blues giants helped create the blueprint for Chicago Blues piano and all that it would become. With Otis Span and Johnny Jones, Henry pioneered the sound of electric piano in Chicago Blues. Whenever you hear someone playing a familiar blues riff or turnaround on a piano, there is a good chance they picked it up from Henry Gray…his influence cannot be over emphasized."—David Kunian

Henry Gray was awarded the 2006 National Heritage Fellowship Award in Washington DC, the highest honor given for Folk and Traditional arts. In 1999, he received a Grammy nomination.He has garnered the respect of sophisticated blues lovers everywhere.

Headlining the Revival will be Henry Gray and the Cats. Other outstanding blues performers include:

Lil Buck Sinegal Band
Lee Tedrow Blues Band
Michael Juan Nunez Band
Marty Christian and Joe Edward
Chelsea Ellisonand
other special guests.

Soulful sounds, soul food and spirits!

Join us in Arnaudville 15 minutes north of I 10 at the Henderson Exit or 15 minutes East of I 49 at the Grand Coteau exit.

Tickets $20. Limited availability.

Call now to purchase. 337-754-7615 or 337-754-5316.

Nothing but the blues! Art Works and Arnaudville continues to support LOUISIANA CULTURE- you do the same !

Sponsored by the Art Works Society through the auspices of the Arnaudville Chamber of Commerce.


Debbie Hardy LaGrange at 337-754-7615
Andi Cornett at 337-255-6447
Kevin Murphy at 401-749-1822
or Arnaudville Chamber of Commerce at 337-754-5316 for more information and to purchase tickets.

ALSO:::: Bayou Blues Revival partyFriday, May 25,2007.CliFeaturing the Lee Tedrow Blues Band.$5 Admission. Music starts promptly at 8:00 p.m. Doors open at 7 p.m.Indoor event * NUNU's Nightlite * Only 300 tickets will be sold.