Monday, June 26, 2006

TSOP 35 Year Celebrations

UK soul fans descend on Gamble & Huff's Offices!!
Poster Celebrating The 35th Anniversary Of Philly International Records
Recently while I was in Philly, I dropped by Gamble & Huff's office with about a 100 UK soulies. It was so funny because the streets were full of police owing to a demonstration taking place in the city over immigration. The police started looking nervous as we descended from several buses and "stormed" into the offices and locals passing by stood bemused as little groups of soul fans gathered to have their photograph taken. We had to explain to several passerbys why the office was so famous and that in world terms Gamble & Huff had done more to put Philly on the map than Benjamin Franklin et al!!!!

Our visit coincided with the 35th Anniversary of Gamble & Huff's partnership - thanks for the music guys.

Later that day, we were able to express our thanks to Kenny Gamble in person when he was guest of honour at the Clef Club in Philly for a soul gathering organised by Weldon McDougal 111. The walls of the club resounded with wild applause for several minutes when Kenny took the stage.

More on the Clef Club event in subsequent posts.

Philly Airport Celebrates The Sound Of Philly

Question - Which is the most soulful airport in the USA? Answer Philadelphia, Why - because the airport has organised an exhibition in honour of the Philadelphia International label and especially the founders Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff on the 35th anniversary of their label's place in the record business.

The exhibition was opened by Kenny Gamble last week and covers the making of the music which put the city on the musical map with the likes of the O'Jays, Harold Melvin& The Bluenotes, Billy Paul and many more.

My friend Weldon McDougal 111 attended the opening and is honoured with a part of the exhibition dedicated to his role in the city's musical heritage. Weldon kindly sent me some photos to share on the blog.

Kenny Gamble At Opening Of Exhibtion
Philly International Exhibit 1
Weldon McDougal 111 Exhibit
Bunny Sigler
So if you are passing through the airport then drop in. I must admit I always enjoyed the vibe at Philly airport when they had the old food hall with live jazz bands.

Joe Weaver Is Very Ill

Joe Weaver on right with Kenni Martin in Toledo 2001
I just received news this AM that the legendary Detroit artist Joe Weaver is very ill following a stroke.

Please let's keep Joe in our thoughts.

Soul Detective Case 3

Just to let you know that Red Kelly's Soul Detective blog continues to turn more information up on the more obscure artists of soul.

The latest case I have been helping with has been one on J Hines, best known for his work as co-writer with Roy C and guitarist on many of Roy's sides. J. Hines also had several instrumentals on his own including the above for De Luxe which has a cult following. A sort of Roy C backing track - love it!!!!

Detroit Gospel Music

It's good to see the Sixties Detroit Forum which started a few weeks back quicly getting into some interesting posts. Most of the old regulars, who made the original Soulful Detroit Forum the place to visit for Detroit soul music, have migrated over to the new forum.

One the most fascinating threads this week has been discussion about Detroit gospel labels. Drop by and see a glimpse into the city's history which is often overlooked.

Freddie Gorman Tributes

As previously reported, Freddie recently passed away. Since then there have been many tributes to the man and his music on various web sites and radio stations.

One man who paid special tribute to Freddie was Richard Searling on Smoooth FM UK this Saturday gone. Richard had invited Freddie and the Originals over to the UK for his 50th birthday party at the Ritz in Manchester in 2002. Richard recalled the visit in his tribute and played a recording of Freddie singing his Ric Tic classic Take Me Back at the Ritz show. This had been the first occasion that Freddie had ever sung the song live. What was heard on the recording was the warmth and appreciation felt by the audience for Freddie's performance and his obvious pleasure in their response. Richard also played "Love Has Seen Us Through" on his show which is featured above. This 45 captures for me the smooth elegance of Freddie's singing and I always feel a warm glow when I play it!

There are also some further tributes over on Sixties Detroit to Freddie including pictures of the celebration of his life. Please also check out Sue Whitall's tribute to Freddie in the Detroit News which includes a photo of the Originals that I have never seen before.

If you want to read more about Freddie and the Originals then I highly recommend an article written several years ago by Heikki Suosalo for Soul Express which is still available from their website.

Freddie - thanks again for the music!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Eddie Foster Progress 45

Anyone reads this blog on a regular basis will know that I have a special interest in Bay Area Soul. I had never heard of this label before though I was familar with Eddie from his In 45 and his session work on Bay Area productions. It just shows you what you can still find on Ebay from a German DJ.

Both sides are very bluesy and difficult to date - I'd say probably 63/64 and sound influenced by Little Johnny Taylor. "What You Putting Down" is a slow side with some fine gritty vocals from Eddie where the other side "I'm Grown" is a faster more R&B type groove. The interesting thing is that another Bay Area cult figure, Eugene Blacknell arrnged both sides and I can only presume it his band which plays on both tracks because there is a horn section in there as well. Both tracks besides having good singing also feature good guitar which I presume is by Eddie himself.

I still hope to find out more about Eddie so let's keep our fingers crossed!!!!

Amnesty Everybody Who Wants To Be Free Pts 1 & 2

The 3rd Herb Millerproduced 45 featured by Stones Throw from the Indianapolis based Lamp label. This time around Amnesty produced a more sophisticated groove than the other 2 45s featured so far. This track is influence by Tower Of Power and EWF and cooks throughout with plenty of tight horns.

By the way - this is the 200 post on this blog so thanks to everyone for encouraging me to continue and being able to pass this milestone!!!!

The Diplomatics Hum-Bug Pts 1 & 2

This 2nd Lamp 45 is a much slower funk groove recorded back in Indianpolis in 1969. Stone Throw have unearthed some more vintage photos and details to once again put a nice package together.

Fabulous Souls Take Me

Though I've known for awhile about the good stuff Stones Throw Records have been doing this and the sides mentioned in the next couple of posts are the first things I've picked up from their Lamp series of 45s.

"Take Me" is an organ dominated piece of early 70's freaky funk with great interchanges of female and male voices. It just keeps up a steady groove for bopping a long to with some bongo runs thrown in for good measure and some wild sax towards the end.

Love the artwork on the Stones Throw packages and this one mimics the adverts taken from the Indianapolis Recorder from the group's home town.

Edwin Starr Live DVD

I am never off "soul duty" so when I passed by a basket of DVDs in my local supermarket the above jumped out and has provided more lasting comfort than any of the food also in there!!! Perhaps a famous UK DJ who works for the supermarket chain where I purchsed my DVD has influence on the choice of soulful DVDs!!!!

Jessie Anderson You Are Just A Better Man Than I

Mackmccoy dropped by my post on Lee Williams acetate which I won off Ebay several years back. I mentioned in the post that I also picked up a few acetates at the same time including Jessie Anderson - so as requested by Mack here's the scan.

A lovely earthy piece of Chicago soul from Jessie!!!

Ken Emerson Always Magic In The Air

While I was recently trundling through the New Jersey countryside on a bus to Atlantic City, I happened to look over to see that one of my travelling companions, Francis Thomas, a long standing soul music aquaintance, was reading the above book. Francis had picked up the book prior to our trip in anticipation of visiting the Brill Building and 1650 Broadway Building which is the subject of the book telling the story of the wonderful music which eminated from their floors. Francis's enthuastic response to my question of "what is it like? " had me searching out on my return home.

Once again this book receives the full "In Dangerous Rhythm" recommendation. The book certainly paints the stories behind the songs and provides vivid acccounts of each writer filling a lot of gaps in my knowledge of such household names such as Burt Bacharach who with hal David produced some fine soul music by the likes of Chuck Jackson, Tommy Hunt, Lou Johnson, Jimmy Radcliffe and Dionne Warwick.

Douglas Wolk Live At The Apollo

As I mentioned, I have been laid up quite a bit recently with sciatica and that has given me chance to catch up on a bit of reading!!!!

One fascinating book I have just finished is Douglas Wolk's Live At The Apollo about one of the most famous live soul albums ever produced - "The Apollo Theatre Presents In Person The James Brown Show". It seemed appropriate, having recently visited the theatre, to read this book about one of the old venue's most inspiring shows.

Wolk's book is in a series looking in depth at albums placing them in context of music, time and space. Wolk's book places the show against a backdrop of what else was happening in the world that October night in 1962 as the human race seemed to be on the eve of extrinction with the Cuban Missle Crisis.

A short but absorbing reading with some extremely insightful breakdowns of each song on the album. Highly recommended for a full understanding of a one of soul's most important evenings.

Soul Up North Magazine July 2006

The latest edition of the ever excellent Soul Up North is on the streets. Howard Earnshaw's magazine is always a good jam-packed read and this edition has features on Jimmie Raye, Ralph Soul Jackson, Golden World, Cameo Parkway with pages of rare, northern, modern, R&B and funk features.

Howard also invited me to contribute a piece on Jay Proctor who I met in New Jersey a couple of months back as part of the 2nd US Soul Trip.

Please pick up a copy from Howard.

Soul Express "Deep" Up & Running

A few posts back, I reported that the renowned Finnish magazine Soul Express was going inclusively on line. One of my Net friends Heikki Suosalo, who writes for the magazine, has informed me that the first edition of his "Deep" column is now up on the Soul Express site.

Heikki continues in "Deep" the long tradition of high quality features which his column in the printed Soul Express has long been respected for by soul collectors around the world.

The first edition features Mighty Sam, Mel Waiters, Lee Shot Williams, Sheba Potts-Wright, Barbara Carr, J Blackfoot, Lacee', Dave Mack, K Band, Renea Mitchell, Roni, Irma Thomas, Candi Staton, Margie Joseph, Temptations Review plus reviews of recent reissue CDs.

As ever, Heikki's column is a refreshing mix of reviews, updates and interviews and I wish him every success with the column and I am sure more people than ever will be able to access his writing.

Emanuel Lasky RIP

I woke up early on Saturday morning to the sad news from the States that yet another icon of Detroit music had passed on. I knew Emanuel had suffered ill health in recent times but now he has passed on to a better place.

Please read the wonderful "webisode" on Emanuel produced by Graham Finch on Soulful Detroit.

RIP "Peace Loving Man" and thanks for all those wonderful memories!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Sixties Detroit Forum

Good to see Detroit expert, David Meikle, starting up a new discussion forum called Sixties Detroit.

Pleased drop by and join us where you can discuss fine music such as Jimmy Gilford's classic Detroit side on Solid Hit!!!!

See you there!!!

New Willie Walker & The Butanes CD!!

Just have to let you know that there is fabulous new CD out from Willie & The Butanes which is just as good as the first!!!!

I will be doing a full review but now that the cat is out of the bag I just had to let people know! Keeping Soul Alive has not been involved in this release this time around but Curt, the producer and Butanes band leader, has kept me posted on progress. As ever, with music productions it has taken longer than anticipated but as they say the wait has been worthwhile.

Back soon with more information on this 13 tracker as soon as I can!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Freddie Gorman RIP

Freddie on back cover of 1997 CD "It's All About Love" Rene

One of the most memorable nights in my soul music life was seeing Freddie onstage in Manchester with the Originals back in 2002 for UK DJ Richard Searling's 50th birthday. That night the guys and Hank Dixon's daughter rolled back the years to give a splendid performance of their classic Motown songs.

Two years later in LA, I got to meet the man at the first US Soul Trip and we briefly chatted about that wet Summer night in Manchester where they brought the house down. Freddie was quiet and a softly spoken man who seemed to have a beautiful soul which has now been sadly taken away from us. Once again we are left with only the music and this afternoon I returned to his only solo album from 1997 "It's All About Love" and dwelt over the beautiful tunes and Freddie's delicate voice.

I am sure that over the next few days that there will many tributes to a man who was part of a Motown group which is deeply revered in the UK - at least some of us got to a chance to see them before it was too late!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Deep Soul Heaven Updates

John Ridley continues to treat us to additions to his excellent Deep Soul Heaven website. One of the latest artists featured is Sonny Green.

Sonny has been a perennial favourite of mine and his last 45 for MHR as John says is one of his best. Written by my old friend Alex Brown, one of the best female songwriters ever - just check out All Music to see her credentials. Alex is an excellent singer herself whether as a member of the Raelettes or Wonderlove, a backing singer on countless productions or a solo singer in her own right for several labels including her own Sundi label.

"I'd Like To Be Here" is a meaty Al Green influenced mid-tempo number with Sonny doing some gorgeous phrasing with a delightful backing of girls oohing and aahing probably including Alex. This is a memorable side to finish his career on and it also has some restrained sax solos and guitar riffs which compliment Sonny's vocals which build up towards the end before it fades out leaving us wanting more!!! Posted by Picasa

Lee Shot Williams on Palos

I decided to dig the above out after the post on Billy McGregor's Palos track.

This acetate was one of my best ever wins on Ebay and was back in the days before sniping and when I used to stay up to the early hours of the night bidding. I won 3 actetates from the Chicago based Solid Viper Records which were reputedly from the collection of the producer Sonny Thompson. The other 2 were by Jesse Anderson and Ernie Hines - the latter one led me to actually meeting up with Ernie after I tried to find out more about the track!! (That's another story I will tell elsewhere).

Lee Shot's "I'm In Love" is a nice early piece of gritty Chicago mid-tempo soul and is very hard to find even on a regular issue. Posted by Picasa

James Rivers

It's always nice to see that blogs and websites such as Soul Detective, Georgia Soul Blog, Funky 16 Corners and Sir Shambling are always adding to our knowledge of soul - another place I frequently drop into is Home of The Goove which specialises in New Orleans soul.

Home of The Groove recently featured James Rivers who I have a few 45s by plus one album but knew little about so it was good to fill a few gaps by reading the post. Since the advent of blogs in particular it is good to see how much more detailed information is being shared by people.

"Soul Searchin" is a mock live sax instrumental which drives along at fair rate of knots and has a tune naggingly familar? James had at least one other 45 on the label - Get With It/It's All Over. Posted by Picasa

More Roy Hytower

Posted by Picasa
Following on from the previous post on Roy Hytower; he had several other good hard soul 4s as follows:

Avin 101 Since I Been Away/I Want Some More
Brainstorm 126 It Must Be Love/Love That Girl Of Mine
Brainstorm 127 Your Good Man Is Going Bad/You Pleases Me
Expo 103 It Must be Love/Love That Girl Of Mine
Blue Rock 4089 I'm In Your Corner/ Undertaker
Anthem ? I'm In Your Corner/It's Not What You Think Of Me

The Expo 45 was also released after the Brainstorm version and is either a different mix with chorus or a re-recording. Roy also recorded an album in 1988 called "Root Doctor" for Diamond Gem.

I have been trying to find an article on Roy in one of the blues magazines such as Living Blues but cannot find one which surprises me other than one in a Finnish magazine from the early 90's.

Roy was born in Coffeyville, Alabama in 1943 and began working in Mobile clubs in his teens. He moved up to Chicago sometime in the 1962 and replaced Mighty Joe Young in Otis Rush's band. Roy must have hooked up at some stage with Bill Lasley because he recorded for Avin which I think was a subsidary of Lasey's Celtex set up.

Robert Pruter states in "Chicago Soul" that Roy's career was interrupted by the draft and he ended up seeing action in Vietnam before returning to Chicago to record for Leo Austell and Archie Russell's Brainstorm label.

Roy carved out a career in musicals and featured in shows playing Muddy Waters and Otis Redding before re-activating his career in 1988 with the "Root Doctor" album. Roy became a regular on the US blues festival circuit with his band Motif before re-inventing himself as Doktu Rhute Muuzic.

He still performs around Chicago today and has been involved with projects to introduce young students to blues music in Chicago. He has also appeared in several movies as well.

You can also catch him on DVD in a show headlined as Junior Wells and Friends on which he performs 4 songs with Pistol Pete.

One intriguing thing I found on a search of the Net for sides by him threw up a company called Vinyl Revolution who seem to specialise in selling single tracks on CD. The 4 tracks are "If Loving You Is Wrong", "Soulful Love", "United" and "People Get Ready". Anyone know where they come from? They are definitely not from his "Root Doctor" album.

Roy Hytower & Gant Green False Advertising

This blog has often been inspired by discussions on various forums and this post on Roy Hytower was inspired by a recent discussion on Soul Talk.

"False Advertising" was a new 45 to me when I picked it up off Ebay last year on the strength of his other 45s. It reminds me of a Johnny Guitar Watson & Larry Williams side put through a deep Chicago funky mix!!! Azie Mortimer who wrote the side also had releases on the label and the song runs through a whole series of references to other soul sides. The A-side is a kind of build up to the B-sides which has better singing in a Sam & Dave type bag and has more chord changes than the repetitive A-side.

According to Robert Pruter's book "Chicago Soul", Don Clay formed Number One Records with Azie Mortimer's husband Mort Kaplan to record Azie Mortimer.

I really like Roy Hytower's vocals - he has a deep bluesy voice and is up there with the likes of Johnny Sayles - it is just ashamed he didn't record more. I don't know anything about Gant Green??

I am sure I will post something more on Roy soon!!!

Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Billy McGregor

A copy of the above dropped through the door today in the never ending and arduous world of record collecting!! Collecting 45's is often about connections or recommendations or you simply hear something or take a chance because of a name on the vinyl. In this case, I first read about Billy's 3 records in Issue 16 of the UK magazine Voices From The Shadows. In that early 90's edition, Rod Dearlove, the editor, wrote a ground breaking article on what had become known as "crossover soul" which referred to the type of late 60's and early 70's records with a certain beat/feel which were then breaking on the dancefloors of clubs across the UK.

I would think that the Palos side is Billy's second 45 on an obscure Chicago label which has a few other interesting releases by Lee Shot Williams and LV Johnson. "We've Been In Love Much Too Long" is a jerky mid-tempo side with prominent strings and a catchy chorus. Billy is a fine singer who can let it rip when he needs. I love his lyrics telling the tale of what can happen when a lover takes you for granted or messes you about or gets moody!!! The B-side "I've Got It" is more in the vein of other Palos releases in that is a heavy rough repetitive piece of Chicago R&B with plenty of nagging guitar riffs though it is a lot more funky than say LV Johnson or Lee Shot. So I manage to get a copy of the Palos 45 nearly 15 years after reading about it in Voices - not bad!!

Look out for Billy's other excellent 45s - "Mr Shy"/"Fall On My Knees" on Flash which is a common side mainly I suppose because it was a local hit in 1965. "My Shy" is a good beat ballad and "Fall On My Knees" is a very typical '65 Chicago beater in the vein of Otis Clay, Tyrone Davis etc. The killer cut from Billy is wonderful midtempo groover "It's My Turn Now" on Mellotone which Rod highly recommened in the article and which I always enjoy playing. It s a side I have played it a few times on the radio to good response and most people want a copy when they hear it!!!

They are the only 3 releases I know by Billy are there any more??? Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 09, 2006

The Arthur Alexander Story

Arthur Alexander died on this day in 1993 and by strange coincidence I finished reading above book today!

I had recently delved into my "soul library" to catch up on some reading and I picked up the book which for some reason I had not read!!! It is one of the best biogrpaphies I have read about a soul singer telling Arthur's story as well as putting it into the context of the Muscle Shoals and Nashville music scenes. It added a lot of background information on Arthur's recording sessions and is very well researched based on extensive interviews.

In memory of the man I went to my shelves and pulled down my favourite song by the man - "I Need You Baby" on Monument. The words below could be page from his life:-

Remember back, yesterday, before the world took you away
My mama used to give us our cups and spoons
We lived in a shabby house with just one shabby room
Back then you needed me
When I came home you greeted me
I need you baby, let me stay with you
I want to spend my whole life with you
Because I need you, I really need you

Did he ever sound better than on this 45?

Go and get the book because it is an excellent read and I should have read it sooner!!!! Posted by Picasa

I am A "Soul Detective"

One of the things I have enjoyed recently has been helping Red Kelly with his Soul Detective blog. The latest case is on J Hines who was Roy C's guitarist and co-writer as well as having a few releases himself. You can catch up on the latest case over at Soul Detective.

One of the sides we dug up was James Shaw's Got To Get Me A Wife which would appear to be his only release though he did run a label called Shaw and worked with Little Buster amongst others on Jubilee. He is not to be confused with the Mighty Hannibal (James T Shaw) but it would be interesting to find out more about him.... anyone now? The above song is a lovely lilting Roy C type groover. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Spencer Wiggins Goldwax Years Ace CD Notes

Posted by Picasa I received an e-mail last night that prompted me to realise that I had forgotten to post the above on my Keeping Soul Alive blog.

You can now find the notes here

51 Today!

Here is my birthday card for my 51st from my wife Barbara with a soulful feel!!! Apparently, she picked it up from the record fair at the New Brunswick Hilton on the Sunday of the 2nd US Soul Trip.

Thanks love!!!!!!

Colin Posted by Picasa
PS Some people have asked where you can get these cards. Try Joy Yoxhall

Charles Mintz Running Back

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Charles's classic 45 was reissued by Up Look a few years back with a picture sleeve. "Running Back" starts with a memorable jerky beat with some lovely horn runs under the guitar riff. The song then breaks into the chorus which is smoother with Charles gritty vocal hanging the whole thing together.

Charles Mintz Give A Man A Break

Posted by Picasa
Charles kindly sent me his official bio which I have posted below."

The youngest of three brothers hailing from Orangeburg, SC. Charles would sing together with his siblings for friends and family until a cousin hooked him up with a band called The Majestics, Charles began to sing covers at record-hops, high schools, and college shows. His English teacher got on his case about his developing talent, she said, if you use all that energy to sing someone else's songs. Why don't you write and sing something of your own, and that's how it all started, Charles, wrote a song in school called "There's No Need Crying" the young ladies would go crazy when he would perform. Charles, move to Philly in the late 60's and early 70's he met up with manager, and producer, Gene Lawson.

Mr. Lawson is best known as Otis Redding's Publicist, and also for recording Teddy Pendergrass, before joining Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes, in fact Teddy, sang back ground vocals on Charles, first recording session. Though these sessions remained unreleased until now.Gene Lawson, introduced, Charles, to Otis Redding who took an interest in Charles's voice, and his writing ability. Otis Redding recorded one of Charles, song call "Free Me" and wanted to bring him into the Stax record family, but faith would not let it happen Otis Redding, was kill in a plane crash Dec. 10, 1967. Then Gene Lawson decided he wanted to start his own record label call "UpLook Records" he recorded Charles Mintz, his first artist on the "UpLook Label" a song call "Since I Found You" written by Charles Mintz, "Give A Man A Break" written by Eugene Jones of the Volcanoes singing group. His 3rd single for "UpLook" call "Running Back," which has become a cult favorite in England, where it is being played in soul night clubs all over Europe today.

Charles Mintz, has performed with many recording groups Harold Melvin and The Bluenotes, The Dells, The Spinners, Sam and Dave, The Delfonics, The Intruders featuring Little Sonny, Frankie Beverly and Maze known back in the day as Raw Soul, The O'Jays and many other recording groups. Charles Mintz renewed interest has led to his early 70' s recording release of a CD called "The Best of Charles Mintz" and also a gospel CD written and produce by Mr. Mintz title "A Message of Songs." He has a new single call "Stop The Killing" soon to be released taken from his upcoming CD, "Listen Up For A Moment". Be on the look out for this talented artist and song writer."

If you wish to hear Charles' music then the best bet is to pick up the "Give A Man A Break" CD which was issued a few years back on Up Look records. The CD contains "Running Back" and several unissued sides and is available directly from Philly Music Archives.I hope at some later date to talk at some later date to Charles in more depth about his career and the stories behind the songs on the "Give A Man A Break" CD.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Charles Mintz Stop The Killing

One of the sounds I picked up in New Jersey which impressed me the most is this CD single from Charles Mintz. "Stop The Killing" has a throwback 70's sound which reminds me of all those classic social commentary records from Gamble & Huff, Willie Hutch etc. The sound may hark back to the 70's but the message is right up to date.

The publicity information tells why Charles has released the track:-

"The killings of so many young black men have taken away someone in your family or mine, someone on your street, in your church or even in your own home. Mr. Charles Mintz decided he wanted to write and sing a song with the help of Mr. Johnny D. Thomas and Akom Publishing. They went to a recording studio and recorded a song called "Stop The Killing" to serve as a theme song for "Stop The Violence." "

I had a brief conversation with Charles after he performed his classic Northern Soul track "Running Back" on the 2nd night of the 2nd US Soul Trip and we agreed to speak again when I returned to the UK.

"I enjoyed the show. It was exciting and it was good for me to see the old artists from back in the day bringing back a lot of memories". Charles still sings on a regular basis with his band in the Philly and New Jersey area mainly doing covers of Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross etc. On the night he sang his classic Northern side "Running Back" but was prevented from singing "Stop The Violence"because of the lack of time which was a shame because Charles is still creating good music which deserves an airing!

Charles was encouraged to record "Stop The Killing" because of the loss of young members of his family, neighbours and church friends from gun violence. "I was trying to say something in the song to all young people that the violence has to stop." He had the words for sometime but it wasn't until January of this year that he entered the studio with some musician friends from a company called Akom and put the whole thing together. "Stop The Killing" is only one track of a CD which he has been recording at Joseph Morino's Ultimate Studio in Philly with the same musicians. He told me that has recorded several tracks including one called "Gone With The Wind" dedicated to all the artists such as Luther who have recently passed.

Charles now wants to get as much exposure for "Stop The Killing" by getting airplay around Philly and New Jeresy but hopes the universal meassage can be heard around the world. "I have to feel my music and what I am doing and I hope that this is injected into the song so that people will get into what I feel"

If anyone or any organization out there wants to help him to get the message heard then contact him by email.

Stop The Violence; Stop The Killing, Right Now!!!