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Creative Funk

The posting of the above video link on Soulful Detroit led to this messagef rom Gary DeBerry:

Hello Creative Funk Fans. Thanks so much for keeping the memory alive. To make a long story short the band did "defunk" in 1975.We all moved on and did severasl things.Denzil wrote,played and produced several records. Diane Jenkins continued as a solo artist. I played with flutist Bobbie Humphry.then Norman Connors with Jeane Carne then Stanley Turrentine. I also recorded with Sony under Corey Rooney.I play with club date agency bands.Deek My brother who wrote Ready Made Family passed away in 2007 and Clarence Basset passed in 2005.I am stil doing my thing playing and writing Gospel jazz and smooth jazz.I started a club date band with my wife Barbara an excellent pianist. I am working on my 6th CD... My daughter is in the game, she has signed with Universal/Motown records under the name Yolanda Renee Her single will be released this month of April.God has opened another door for acting.I just shoot a print ad for Vicks Nyquill,don't no where that came so much for your DeBerry. Let's stay in touch
Stay Blessed
Bassist Gary DeBerry Sr.

Check out the rest of the posts over on Soulful Detroit

Cliff Dawson Interview

Cliff Dawson Interview on Funky Town Grooves

Eddie Thomas Interview

Read the lowdown on Eddie Thomas who produced sounds like Jamo Thomas's I Spy For The FBI and many classic Curtom records:

Eddie Thomas Interview

Sidney Barnes Retires

Picked a message up from Sidney:

I would like to personally thank all of you who have visited my site and heard my music and those of you who have supported and enjoyed my music in all forms over the past 40+ years.

As you may know since the early 1960's I have had a very interesting and some what successful career working with some of the biggest names in the music business on stage and in the recording studio and for this I'm very thankfull to God and any of the other powers of the Universe.

I would like now to take this time to inform you all that I have decided to announce my retirement from the stage as a vocalist and concentrate on helping others to build their careers. I intend to build a successful music publishing and productiuon catalog and even manage a few acts along the way as well as write my autobiography and co produce a film about RnB music in the early fifties.

Thank you friends and fans around the world,I love you and hope that God will continue to bless us all.

Sidney Barnes

Best wishes from IDR to Sidney who is a top man!

Vietnam Soul On Sitting In The Park

Picked this up from Bob over on Sitting In The Park radio show:

In honor of Memorial Day I did a radio show of all Vietnam records. You can check it out at:

Vietnam Soul

Playlist follows. Thanks for your interest.

Fabulous Perfomers - One little kiss - Blackjack
Charades - You better believe it - Harlem Hitparade
Renaldo Domino - Two years, four days - Sincere
Emotions - Going on strike - Volt (LP)
Lovers - Do this for me - Phillips
Intentions - Don't forget that I love you - Phillips
Skip Jackson and the Shantons - Promise that you'll wait - Dot-mar
Emanuel Lasky - A letter from vietnam - Westbound
Jo Ann Garrett - Little brown letter - Duo
Players - He'll be back - Minit
O'jays - There's someone waiting back home - Neptune
Dells - Does anyone know I'm here - Cadet
Chymes - My baby's gone away - Down to Earth
Brothers of Soul - Wait for me - Boo
Beverly Schaefer - Where will you be boy - One-Der-Ful
Helen Curry - A prayer for my soldier - DJO
Impressions - Don't cry my love - ABC
Chuck Corby and the Entrees - Bring my daddy home - Sonic
Auditions - Returning home from vietnam - Freckles
Masters of Houston - Please wait for me - Ovide
Devotions - So glad you're home - J-City
Lavells - In a crowded station - CTB
Charmels - Please uncle sam (send back my man) - Volt
Linneas - My baby comes home today - Diamond
Patricia Denson and the Soul Expressions - Home from vietnam - Achillean
Mike Williams - Lonely soldier - Atlantic
Archie Bell and the Drells - A soldier's prayer 1967 - Ovide
Gary and the Knight Lights - Lonely soldier's pledge - Bell
Mizax and the Flizaps - One the other side - ABC

Bobby Sheen 45 On Hit & Run Records

Bobby Sheen Hit & Run Snippets

These two previously unissued tracks by veteran Bobby Sheen were recorded in Muscle Shoals in 1972.

You can buy direct from Hit & Run.

Bill Withers Movie

Still Bill The Movie




At long last, we are proud to announce we have two wonderful singers who aren’t double booked, have current US passports, don’t have over-ambitious managers and are in fine health and raring to go.

This year really has been like no other for acts dropping out, but we were determined to present a memorable live show for you and I know we will be doing just that at midnight on June 13th.

Having seen Melvin Davis at the Prestatyn weekender in 2004, I was knocked out by his talent, but frustrated that we got to hear so little of his considerable repertoire. I got to meet the man in London shortly afterwards and his love of the scene, his enthusiasm and the ever expanding revelations as to the great songs he had written but never recorded, made me think he really deserved to be presented to the Northern Soul public again.

Apart from his own ‘Find A Quiet Place’, ‘I Must Love You’ and ‘You Made Me Over’, Melvin has written such Northern Soul classics as Jackey Beavers’ ‘I Need My Baby’, Edward Hamilton’s ‘I’m Gonna Love You’, Darrell Banks’ ‘I’m The One Who Loves You’, J J Barnes’ ‘Chains Of Love’, Johnnie Mae Matthews ‘Lonely You’ll Be’ and Ann Perry’s ‘That’s The Way He Is’.

Inevitably we’ve asked Melvin if he’d like to sing some of these fine compositions for the first time, with a full band, to his UK fans and he’s graciously agreed. Which ones they will be is a matter of conjecture at present, but he is such a huge fan of our scene, that he’s going to deliver a truly memorable soul show.

Jesse Davis (no blood relation!) is an equally charming and erudite gentleman who has managed to record not one but three incredibly rare and collectable Northern Soul 45s, despite being primarily a jazz singer. We’ve already heard his ‘Gonna Hang On In There’ at Cleethorpes when songwriter Sherlie Matthews persuaded Jim Gilstrap to cover it. This time we’ve got the real McCoy singing it just as he did on that Era recording session 43 years ago. Jesse also managed to get his big city soul beat ballad ‘There’s Room For Me’ issued on three labels while still remaining horrendously rare and sought after. The excellent mid tempo rarety ‘So Full Of Love’ is possibly even harder to locate but will be very well received when sung live to a thousand soul connoisseurs. Not so scarce, but tricky to find and on album only, is Jesse’s version of the jazz dance standard ‘Stormy’ that has been picking up plays in recent years and will please his many fans. His youngest fan and a close relation of mine will be tickled pink to hear another of Jesse’s album tracks: you’ll have to work out which one yourselves. Jesse has many more great songs in his repertoire and we’re working on making his UK debut a major success.

So the band have been primed, the tickets and work permits sorted and we’re all set for one more magical weekend at the Beachcomber.

Weekend dance passes are still available; there’s no accommodation left but there should be hireable caravans on Thorpe Park next door 01472 813395

For passes send £59 cheques to 6TS Weekenders, 1 Elm Dr, Market Harborough, Leics LE16 9DS or £61.25 PayPal to for more details

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sublime Soul

Sublime Soul

Track listing:
1. Essence - Fever (Big Mack)
2. Doris & Kelly - You Don't Have To Worry (Brunswick)
3. Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - For What It's Worth (A&M)
4. Larry "T-Bird" Gordon - Is It Because I'm Black (Movin')
5. Lloyd Henriques - Nobody Cares For Me (Lloyds)
6. Santo and Eddy - I Never Felt So Lonely (Lads)
7. Marion Black - Listen Black Brother (Prix)
8. Yvonne Denis - Ain't No Sunshine (Showcase Inc.)
9. Joe Zawinul - The Soul Of A Village (Vortex)
10. 4th Coming - Waterloo At Watergate (Alpha)
11. Saturday - Changes (Ru-Jac)
12. Hodges, James, Smith & Crawford - Nobody (Mpingo)
13. Betty Lavette - Ticket To The Moon (Karen)
14. The Lost Weekend - Trouble (U.S.A)
15. The Green Berets - Just An Ugly Rumor (Uni)

Tighten Up Cologne Vol. 4:

Playlist Tighten Up Cologne Vol. 4:

Linda Jones - I Just Can’t Live My Life (Without You Babe) (WB)
Moses Smith - Keep On Striving (COTILLION)
Ray Scott & The Scottsmen - Right Now (DECCA)
The Hesitations - I’m Not Built This Way (KAPP)
The Millionairs - Never For Me (PHILLIPS)
Dickie Wonder - Nobody Knows (SOUND OF SOUL/GOLDEN TRIANGLE)
The Profiles - I Still Love You (BAMBOO)
El Anthony - We’ve Been In Love Too Long (LA CINDY)
Blossoms - That’s When The Tears Start (REPRISE)
Frederick Hymes III - Time Ain’t Gonna Do Me No Favor (FAB VEGAS)
The Incredibles - Miss Treatment (AUDIO ARTS)
Harvey Averne Dozen - Think It Over (ATLANTIC)
N. A. Allen - Thanks For Nothing (ATCO)
Kell Osborne - You Can’t Outsmart A Woman (LOMA)
Ernie Johnson - Big Man Cry (STEPH & LEE)
Choice Of Colour - Your Love (APT)
Eli “The Prophet” - Take A Little Give A Lot (ALA)
Frank Dell - He Broke Your Game Wide Open (VALISE/GUINESS)
Alice Clark - Don’t You Care (MAINSTREAM)
Bottom & Company - Gonna Find A True Love (MOTOWN)
Four Sonics - Easier Said Than Done (SPORT)
The Chosen Few - Birth Of A Playboy (CANYON/MAPLE)
Roosevelt Grier - In My Tenement (RIK)
TSU Toronados - Please Heart Don’t Break (RAMPART)
The Natural Four - I Thought You Were Mine (ABC)
Larry Davis - Satisfaction Guaranteed (PERCEPTION)
Willie Tee - First Taste Of Hurt (GATUR)
Ronnie McCain - This Time I’m Gone (TRIODE)
Barbara Howard - Light My Fire (SR)
Out Of Sights - I Can’t Take It (SARU)
Belita Woods - Magic Corner (MOIRA)


The Dustaphonics

THE DUSTAPHONICS is the new Live and recording project from HEALER SELECTA. THE DUSTAPHONICS : FRESH NEW SOUND FROM LONDON TOWN " Emerging from the increasingly legendary Raison D'Etre Collective, this multiheaded troupe encompass a wildly entertaining and unique mix of Rockabilly, Soul, Jazz Funk, Instro Surf and Garage Rock. Fans include cult '60's actress Tura Satana, star of the brilliant Russ Meyer's "Faster Pussy Cat Kill Kill", who's signed them up to provide the soundtrack of her new film. This rocking good time music and then some" TIME OUT LONDON MAGAZINE THE DUSTAPHONICS are pure DYNAMITE!!!

Check Out Videos and feel free to go to their show near you! AINA WESTLYE: (Vocal) A real Rockin' Soul Singer Sensation, she wrote the lyrics for this project, YVAN SERRANO-FONTOVA aka Healer Selecta: Guitar, production, Arrangement, write the music for this project, DAVE KOOR: Hammond, Rhode, Piano, MATT SUMMERFIELD: Bass, , GABOR DORNYEI: Drums, JONNY LOUIS PARTRIDGE:Drums Guests Musicians: On "Tornado" and " Burlesque Queen"- Legendary BRUCE BRAND on Drums & Marracas, Piano - JOHNNY "Kaisers GIBBS on Bass & Double Bass - On "You" SNOW BOY: Percussion - Horn section: BRIAN IDDENDEN on Sax - NICK "Filthy Six" - on Trumpet - DAVE LIDDELL on Trombone. TURA SATANA wrote the lyrics for "Burlesque Queen" and SIMONE BAIRD wrote the lyrics for the song "TURA SATANA". JM ARON done the Graphic Design - Crystal Raison D'Etre A&R - La Mia Design. Recorded at Gizzard Studios, Fisher Island Hackney London 2009.

The DT6 Baden Persuader/Takes

The DT6 - Baden Persuader / Takes - New 45 Out Next Week - Pre Order Details!
Starla Records – Glasgow, Scotland

The DT6 - "(Theme From) The Baden Persuader"
Emili Sandé & Marco with The DT6 "Takes"

Starla Records SRC 1002 – 45 Single

Scotland’s Starla Records return with their second 45 featuring another funk/soul split single from the label’s house band The DT6.

This time the A-side comes in the form of “(Theme From) The Baden Persuader” an Eastern sounding funk track with echoes of the exotic 60s spy soundtracks of Lalo Schifrin and Turkish Psych.

On the flipside is “Takes” which features the label’s own Marco on vocals, though this time the duties are shared with rising Scottish vocalist Emili Sandé. Gaining the support of fans and critics alike for her solo acoustic (modern) R&B, Emili has taken the opportunity to work with the DT6 on the classic Northern/Modern Soul sound. Featuring string and brass sections and group backing vocals, “Takes” is the largest recording yet undertaken by Starla.

In contrast “(Theme From) The Baden Persuader”, in common with the majority of The DT6’s unaccompanied work, comes from organic jam sessions, where the band experiment with sounds, all the while letting the funk flow. Indeed the organ solo on “Baden Persuader” came about as an accident as it was the warm-up for the band with the newly-installed Starla Hammond on the band’s first run through on tape.

Starla have a number of other recording projects lined up for future releases with other artists and collaborations, more info and upcoming live dates for The DT6 soon.

The records will return from the pressing plant in the next week, to pre-order for £5.00 plus P&P please head to or email us at starlarecords (at)

Sweet Vandels Conne Island 31/5/09

The Acid Gallery

The Fantastics Mighty Righteous

The new album, 'Mighty Righteous', looks backwards, forwards and sideways simultaneously. The album includes some searing soulful vocals, the sound of grand piano, double bass, African thumb piano, dub effects, and the scary sounds achieved when attacking a Hammond organ in a frustrated rage on the outrageous instrumental punk-funk rant, 'Soul Sucka!'. From the Jimmy McGriff inspired, Hammond groove of the title track 'Mighty Righteous' - through to the beautiful, genre defying and filmic 'Blue Sunday', the whole album throws off the overbearing obsession of attempting to faithfully recreate specific periods in soul, funk and jazz history and lets each composition evolve in whichever way feels natural in order for it to shine at it's best. The albums 2 collaborations featuring UK soul legend Noel McKoy add something of a contemporary R&B feel.

'Mighty Righteous' is an album that rips up the rule book, and throws decades of hip swinging musical influences into the mix. The album emerges with something fresh and engaging to say - which is precisely what The Fantastics had in mind in the first place...gentleman....your mission is accomplished!

Check out the tracks on their MySpace

Craig Charles Show 23/5/09

On last Saturday’s show:

A Mod-Soul Special with:-

Pete Townshend in conversation AND Booker T Jones in conversation AND music from Dobie Gray, Dojo Cuts, Mongo Santamaria, James Taylor, Etta James, Joe Bataan, Harry J All Stars, Naomi Shelton, Rufus Thomas, J C Brooks & The Uptown Sound, Brian Auger, Pucho, Georgie Fame, The High Numbers, The Who, and much more.

If you missed the show you can catch it at any time any place in the world at

Best wishes.
The Craig Charles Funk And Soul Show Team.

PS. Next week Lee Fields in conversation.

Friday Street Glasgow

Friday Street

Glasgow Mod Weekender 25-28 June 2009


It's not long now until the much awaited 7th Glasgow Mod Weekender, and the organisers are working hard to present their best weekender yet.

Friday Street, Scotland’s Premier Mod Club, is behind the Weekender and running from Thursday 25th until Sunday 28th June, there will be four night time events and two day time events with enough of a variety of music for everyone to enjoy themselves. Starting at the Weekender’s spiritual home, McChuills on Glasgow’s High Street, the welcome party on Thursday night has Friday Street resident DJ’s Mikey and Paul joined by guest DJs and Glasgow garage band, The Laynes. Visit for a preview of their sounds.

Last years Friday and Saturday nights at the Winchester Club were two of the best yet, and with this years special guest DJ Michael Wink from Berlin’s Blowup Club, this will not disappoint. Other guests joining Mikey, Paul and fellow resident Lenny Harkins (ex Caley Soul, Glasgow) are Andrew Symington (Divine, Glasgow), Gav Arno (Pow Wow, Sheffield) and Holly and Sarah (Eyes Wide Open, Glasgow).

Saturday and Sunday afternoon’s at McChuills are always a good opportunity to hear a wide range of mod sounds, from the earliest R&B to ska, soul and psych from a collective of local and visiting DJs. There will be all sorts of stalls selling vintage clothes, records, cds and mod memorabilia. On Saturday afternoon there’s a real treat with a live set from soul band Berry Tweed & the Chasers (

On Sunday afternoon there’s more DJs, and the line-up of scooters outside the venue is a sight to behold. Last year almost 100 scooters were lined up in preparation for the competition and rideout through Glasgow. Sunday night at The Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick Street has the goodbye party where the Weekender DJs play good old Mod classics.

There’s a huge choice of accommodation in Glasgow from low cost motels, to boutique hotels. The Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick Street, Merchant City is offering reduced rates to all attending the Weekender. Call 0141 552 0001 to book, and quote Friday Street Mod Weekender. Alternatively, within a few minutes walk you’ll find The Merchant Lodge, Travel Inn etc. The Friday Street Myspace page has a full list of hotels.

If you’re looking for a little respite from all the music, Glasgow has probably one of the best shopping centre’s outside London and Manchester, with exclusive designer wear, independent and chain stores as well as quirky vintage shops. The Merchant City area also hosts numerous top restaurants, bistros and cafes.

Admission is free to Thursday and Sunday night and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Tickets for admission to Friday and Saturday night at The Winchester Club are on sale now priced £6 from The Red Lizard Pub, Bell Street or from Any remaining tickets will be sold on the night priced £10.

For further information on the Glasgow Mod Weekender please visit or email
Visit for accommodation and cultural information.

Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens

Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens What Have You Done, My Brother?

Naomi Shelton is no ordinary gospel singer. Though she, like many others, grew up singing with her sisters in their Alabama church, she has also spent much of her life in the soul clubs around New York, and her 45s, “41st St. Breakdown” and “Wind Your Clock” b/w “Talking ‘Bout a Good Thing,” have long been revered and prized by funk DJs around the globe. Now, with her first official full-length release coming this May, it’s clear that her singing is equally influenced by both facets of her life. This is soul music – informed by the church, perhaps, but soul music nonetheless, relatable to all. Which means that What Have You Done, My Brother?, an uplifting record that conveys Naomi’s energy, her excitement, her love of music, her compassion, is no ordinary album.

Check out Daptone Records for more

Dirty Honey Saturday June 6th Boondocks

The Dirty Honey

The Midnight Movers Soul Man

Skip Pitts playing with The Midnight Movers on a tour in Europe in the 60s.

The City Champs Live

The City Champs

The City Champs Safecracker

I love instrumentals! One CD which has receieved nearly daily blasts from me since my old mate Scott Bomar dropped me a copy is the City Champs The Safe Cracker.

The City Champs are the latest in a long lineage of Memphis musicians to grab the mantle of funky, soul-jazz instrumentals pioneered by acts like Booker T & the MGs, Willie Mitchell and The Bar-Kays. “The Safecracker” features 7 prime cuts of Stax, Hi Records and Blue Note inspired soul-jazz and funk, produced and engineered by Memphis producer and film composer, Scott Bomar (the Bo-Keys, “Hustle & Flow” & “Soul Men”) at his Electraphonic Recording studio. The sessions were tracked and mixed entirely on analog tape—Bomar used his Scully 1” 8-track machine, which was the same model used at Stax,Muscle Shoals Sound, and Chip’s Moman’s American Studio.

The City Champs are led by guitarist, Joe Restivo, who also penned the original material on the album. Joe is one of the premier R&B/Jazz guitarists in Memphis and holds a BFA in Jazz Studies from the prestigious New School in New York City, where he studied with jazz greats Jack Wilkins, Junior Mance, Cecil Bridgewater, and Phil Markowitz. Organist Al Gamble, hails from the Muscle Shoals, Alabama region, and has performed live and on recordings with such notables as Rufus Thomas, Syl Johnson, Alex Chilton, and the Memphis Horns. Drummer George Sluppick is a native Memphian who has spent most of his life on the road performing live and recording with may notables, including Albert King, Robert Walter's 20th Congress, Melvin Sparks, Ruthie Foster and JJ Grey and MOFRO.

Mastered straight off analog tapes, directly to disc by mastering engineer Larry Nix on the same equipment he used daily at Stax Records.

Go out and buy this album - one of my faves of the year so far!

Get over to Dusty Groove for a copy - you won't be disappointed!

Take a listen to a sample track Poppin'

Harvey Scales & The Bo Keys Work That Skirt

The Bo-Keys featuring Harvey Scales - Work That Skirt Single

Wax Poetics Digital

More Bo-Keys

Bahama Soul Club's SERIOUS SOUL feat. John Turrell - 7" Vinyl

Starting as an instrumental among all of the new thrilling demos from the forthcoming Bahama Soul Club's album, John Turrell from "Smoove&Turrell" was directly inspired by this track, adding his "from the heart" lyrics about collecting rare vinyl and vinyl junkies. He serves a gospel flavoured and soul powered homage to those sought after, original 7's on a funky bahama bossa.

Immediately released just as it was sung on the first take and rawly arranged to save that genuine feel from John's first recorded ideas. Keeping with the rare vibe this 7" comes in pure pristine white vinyl and of course it is strictly limited to 400 copies! There will be NO digital release of these tracks until next album is coming out ...

It's much more than an appetizer, it's really a gem, that you shouldn't miss!"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lee Fields Live @ Dig Deeper

Mr Fine Wine In Minneapolis This Friday

This Friday the 29th we are honored to have a very special guest from NYC. Mr. Fine Wine is the Downtown Soulville Dj for WFMU Radio in New Jersery. He is regarded has one of the biggest soul funk collectors and historian. This man knows how to get a soul party started with the snap of a finger or a clap of your hands. He will be djing with our resident dj Brian Engel. This is for one night only so please come support the growing funk soul scene in mpls. Trust me it will be a night filled great friends, sweat, dancing, and respect.

Club Jager
friday the 29th

Renaldo Domino Live Cuts @ Dig Deeper

Bulletin after the above show from Dig Deeper Peeps:

Wow. We are still stunned with how incredible Renaldo Domino's performance was this past Saturday night at Dig Deeper, and how fantastic the vastly expanded 12 piece Sweet Divines and Divine Soul Rhythm Band sounded with extra horns, strings, and conga.

We've uploaded 4 songs from the show to our profile for your listening pleasure...hope you will enjoy.

Back with more soon once we catch up on sleep...

- DJ Honky and Mr. Robinson

Rubber Room Nottingham May 30th

Hitsville Sings Gospel Detroit 21/6/09

Booker T. Jones: New Attitude, Same B-3

Booker T Interview on NPR

Deep Soul Article

John from Sir Shambling website has been in touch:


I'm delighted to be able to announce that I've posted a new article on
my website. The author is long time deep soul connoisseur and music
writer Pete Nickols. In his piece entitled "Deep Soul : Towards A
Definition" Pete describes his views on the nature of deep soul and then
highlights some songs and singers that illustrate the points he makes.
There are excellent soundclips and illustrations. You can find the
article here

Deep Soul Article

I'm very grateful to Pete for writing this and I hope you find it as
thought provoking and informative as I did.

In addition I have updated a large number of artist pages. You can find
the details here

Sir Shambling Deep Soul Heaven
As ever I'm grateful to all those who've taken the time and trouble to
send me info and additions/amendments to my pages.

Best wishes,


Sly Stone Interview L.A. Weekly

Sly Stone Interview in L.A. Weekly

Lee Fields & The Expressions My World Record Release Party 5/6/09

Lee Fields & The Expressions My World

RELEASE DATE: June 2nd 2009


+ Ladies

+ Money I$ King


PRESS RELEASE: Lee Fields is a bona-fide, 100%, unadulterated, pure, gut-bucket soul singer. While the crate-digging funk and soul community bestowed "legendary" status upon him due to his undeniably solid series of rare 7" singles (and one LP) recorded and released on his own independent labels in the 70s, he's never been one to sit in a dusty corner. New York label/production team Truth & Soul, are ready to bring him to light with a brand new album of beat-heavy, deep soul ballads that will show soul-revivalists the world over what real soul is.

After his rediscovery in the mid 90s, his faithful have featured him on a slew on singles, a full-length on Desco Records entitled "Let's Get It On', a full-length on Soul Fire entitled "Problems", and on Sharon Jones's critically acclaimed album, "Naturally". Most recently, he has featured on a number of tracks by French house producer, Martin Solveig. Suprisingly, many of of those songs have become top ten hits for Solveig and have turned Lee Fields into a bonafide celebrity in France and other parts of Europe. Yet, outside of a rabid cult following, his story remained untold in America.

When Truth & Soul rose from Soul Fire's ashes in 2004, the first mission of label owners/producers Jeff Silverman and Leon Michels, was to record a sweet soul record that would be modeled after the near perfect formula that bands like The Moments, The Delfonics, and The Stylistics had created. But with a decidedly modern bent. The two producer/songwriters were perfect for the job, having dedicated their talents to the likes of Adele, Iggy Pop, Amy Winehouse alongside Just Blaze, Ghostface Killah and Jay Z

Turning their attention to Lee Fields, the duo wanted an album full of music that was both tough as nails and sweet as honey. They wanted ballads laced with lush strings and smooth vocal harmonies layered over a hard-hitting rhythm section. Michels and Silverman enlisted the service of a the group of New York studio musicians that have provided the back drop for records by The Dap Kings, Amy Winehouse, Bronx River Parkway, El Michels Affair and TV on The Radio. Those musicians include Leon Michels, Homer Steinweiss, Quincy Bright, Nick Movshon, Thomas Brenneck, Toby Pazner, Aaron Johnson, Dave Guy, Michael Leonhart, and members of legendary doo-wop group, The Del-Larks.

Four years later and Lee Fields & The Expressions have successfully created a unique and personal sound that can hold court with the bands they set out to emulate. However, what they’ve created in the process goes beyond just a carbon copy of a sweet soul music from the 60's and early 70's. The formula has remained the same but the style has been adapted for the ears of youngsters whose experiences with soul began with Amy, not Al, Otis and Marvin. Thirty years of retrospection has colored this cross-generational melding of the minds. It sounds odd on paper, but the results are classic: hip hop-reared record collectors come full circle to produce an album of beatuful soul music with one of the progenitors who made it all possible.

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings Live Sydney 11 Jan 09

Pat Kelly Dark End Of The Street

Friday, May 15, 2009

Ann Nesby Podcast

Check out a recent Ann Nesby podcast with David Nathan:

Ann Nesby Podcast

Bunny Sigler Sunny Sunday

Bunny Sigler Sunny Sunday Cameo Parkway

Malcolm Lowry @ The 19th Hole

Apologies to my regular readers for being away from the blog for a prolonged period. This was due to my involvement in a new arts project centred around the writer Malcolm Lowry. Please drop over to my new blog dedicated to the project called Malcolm Lowry @ The 19th Hole.

Back soon with more soul!